Monday, September 17, 2007

"The Pirates Of Penzance" - Opening Weekend

Views from the wings.

Left: Major-General Stanley (Paul Fearn) and Frederick (Travis Nagler), amongst the ruins at Tremorton Castle, at the top of Act II, on Saturday night, Sept. 15th.

Left: Mabel's Entrance (Allyson Paris).

Major General Stanley (Paul Fearn) and his daughters atop a tomb amongst the ruins at Tremorton Castle, Sunday afternoon. Daughters, left to right and around the tomb: Kristen Knight, Kristen Meyers, Kat DeLapp, Elsbeth Poe, Jessica Bean, Rhiannon Guevin, Katie Baad.

Major General Stanley and his daughters move from the tomb. Daughters, left to right, Katie Baad, Allyson Paris (Mabel), and Jessica Bean.

The daughters (left to right: Kristen Meyers, Kristen Knight, Katie Baad, Elsbeth Poe, and others), plus Allyson Paris (Mabel) and the Slave To Duty himself, Travis Nagler (Frederick).

Left: Kristen Meyers and Jessica Bean.

Left: Jessica Bean, Kristen Meyers, Rhiannon Guevin, and Kat DeLapp.

Left: Katie Baad, Kristen Knight, and Elsbeth Poe.

An excellent start!

We had a few difficulties, as might be expected. We failed to bring a faux-marble bench for General Stanley to sit upon on stage for Act II Saturday night, leaving that hefty task for Mabel. On Friday night, I asked: "what is that patch of red and blue on stage just in front of the 'Savoy' tombstone?" It was apparently Ruth's handheld Union Jack, which had sprung out from her bosom (where it had been secreted) and fallen on stage (no doubt in a paroxysm of patriotism). There were a few late entrances and bobbled lines and other such mishaps, but really, quite few problems overall. The audiences seemed to like the show too.

New management difficulties at DMTC: props defiling other props. Like a popped fly at a ball game, this difficulty fell squarely in-between the Technical Director, the Props Mistress, and Scenic Designer, so everyone missed it.

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