Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crazy Traffic

Left: A chart of Web Log traffic for the last two years. Even as the number of returning visitors has remained fairly-stable (except when I went to Australia - apparently kangaroo stories frightened the regulars), the number of Page Loads increased abruptly in March, and especially this week, have increased yet again, astronomically! But why?

The referrer's log blames the Kylie picture on the sidebar. Everyone wants it! But why?

This year, Google has been experimenting with its Image Labelling scheme. I wonder if previous labels attached to the image because of text proximity ('Beauty Reawakens', 'Brisbane Entertainment') have been superseded by *something else*. But what is that new label? It's apparently not 'Kylie' or 'Kylie Minogue', because Google searches on those terms don't seem to bring it up. But it's got to be a simple label, because Thais, Italians, Turks, and even Americans can't seem to get enough of it.

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