Monday, January 10, 2005

My Leather Jacket is Back From Las Vegas

But (courtesy of Gabe) not without a harrowing journey in cyberspace first:

Jacket worn by Loser
Owned by Marc Valdez, Failed California Gubernatorial Candidate
Interested? Contact Sinclair Media.

This jacket sucks!
-Right-wing guy

Girly Men only vear this jacket! Ve vear 'North Face' in Salzburg, and Sacramento too!
-Arnold something or other

Hey, this jacket's pretty neat! It probably fits.
-Roseanne Barr

I have a lot in common with Mr. Valdez. It tells me a lot about the common circumstances that enables all of us, no matter what our situations that provides a certain amount of respect for our common individualities to show that we're ready to pass on the gauntlet... (Microphone taken away)
-Senator John Kerry

I'll buy it, but it is really out of date, and needs some restructuring - like that other thingy I am working on...what's it called?
-President George W. Bush

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