Sunday, July 17, 2016

Zombie 'Star Wars' Shit Never Dies

Real scientists like Freeman Dyson demolished the possibility that antimissile defenses could work back in the 1980's. Still, the dream thrives on in its militarized, over-funded, zombie engineering ghetto:
The 60-page report, “Shielded from Oversight: The Disastrous U.S. Approach to Strategic Missile Defense,” traces GMD’s problems to President George W. Bush’s decision to make the system operational in 2004 before the highly complex interceptors had been adequately tested.

The report said that the Obama administration “has continued a similarly lax approach to missile defense.”

...The physicists write that “the continued development of the GMD system without adequate oversight and accountability, and the continued fielding of interceptors without adequate testing, means the system is not even on a path to achieving a useful ability to intercept ballistic missiles.

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