Sunday, July 17, 2016

Advice For Millennials

Ya'll millennials are thinking too long-term. You need to think more short term, like me. The Republican dominance narrative badly needs a win, and so, if they don't get one, it may very well break the party forever. That's what I'm gambling on - a GOP slaughter. I'm tired of Republicans and they need die out long enough so that I can live out the rest of my short, short life under Democrats. Hillary has held the Democratic coalition together fairly well, whereas Trump smashed the Republican coalition to win the nomination. Good grief! The neocons are leaving the GOP for the Democrats! Congrats, Donnie! Hell froze over! The Republicans always manage to nominate their strongest leader, and this time is no different. Trump's been brilliant - he spoke truth to GOP power about trade, Saddam, and the invasion of Iraq - and lived to tell the tale. At the same time, his racial rhetoric is toxic, and driving people out of the party. He can win only if he liberates enough voter energy to carry him past November 8th. He won't. Hillary will crush him. It's a good thing too! Times have changed forever. Hillary's moving left, because that's where the votes are. She's not dumb. Of course, she's a little less than sincere, but it matters less than breaking the GOP. I'm optimistic - I'm old enough to remember the 1968 election, and this one is better, by far. It's the best damn election of my long, long life:

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