Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Ghostbusters" Remake

I saw the trailer for the "Ghostbusters" remake several months ago, and liked it, but didn't think about actually going until I heard about the attacks on Leslie Jones by charming conservative golden boy Milo Yiannopoulos for the crime of being a black woman. Time to support Leslie!

I noticed the suburban cineplex was also showing "Hillary's America: Secret History of the Democratic Party" by discredited campaign finance convict Dinesh D'Souza. I vowed to amble over there when time permitted. That particular theater was centrally-located, though, right next to the guard station and snack bar entry. I would have to be surreptitious. If I wanted to linger longer, they were also showing "Purge: Election Year".

"Ghostbusters" was fresh and fun, but towards the very end started getting predictable. "Hillary's America" was open, though - security was distracted by a guy puking in the restroom (perhaps after seeing "Hillary's America") - so I sneaked in.

The portion of "Hillary's America" I saw was obsessed with rape: Hillary as rape enabler, mostly. The section also discussed large speech fees for Hillary (Dinesh D'Souza is so jealous!), Bill and Hillary stealing White House furniture and paintings, selling access to the Lincoln Bedroom, and when discussing the Clinton Foundation, even featured "Rollin' Rollin', Rollin'" from the movie version of "Evita".

(Someone should check to see if they got the rights to use that, since conservatives rarely seek permission from anyone when appropriating cultural properties, and they rarely pay their fees. Heck, D'Souza used Madonna's likeness as Eva Peron. Madonna shoul sue his ass off if he didn't pay handsomely for the privilege.)

I learned one interesting tidbit, though. Do you know why antebellum slaveholders got all rapey with their slaves back in the day? It was because they were Democrats. That must explain why Closet Democrat Roger Ailes got all rapey with Gretchen Carlson for so many years up there at the FOX News plantation along the banks of the Hudson, and was finally forced to sell her down river.

I thought about yelling loud support for Hillary Clinton, but decided against it. I returned to "Ghostbusters" in time for the final credits. I decided against seeing "Purge: Election Year", since it is no more fantastical than our real election this year.

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