Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Tommy" - Missouri Street Theater

On Friday, August 15th, went with JS to see "Tommy" in Fairfield. I was curious to see the show. I was in DMTC's "Tommy" in 2001, choreographed by Pam Kay Lourentzos. I hadn't been in the Fairfield theater since 1993, when I saw Pam Kay Lourentzos' choreography in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". And I had been a fan of this rock opera since I was a teen, in 1970.

There were some awkwardnesses. It was hard to move the doorway on and off, and the goose-stepping of the Nazi camp guards was over the top for me.

Nevertheless, the rest of the show was quite good. James Nassef was an excellent Tommy. JS remarked that he had an excellent English accent. And despite being suspended in the air and spinning head over heels, he could sustain a note.

Michael Cross was superb as Uncle Ernie.

I liked Staci Arriaga's choreography. It was different than Pam's, but I had trouble remembering exactly how. Perhaps more unison dancing. Trying to watch and register the moves I ended up watching Jenny Plasse a lot, since she is particularly good at robust dancing.

Kate Richardson was good at the Acid Queen, a particularly-hard character to get right. I was also watching several of the ensemble members I didn't know, but who seemed to have particularly good presences on stage.

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