Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The last several weeks have been fairly traumatic, starting up a new job and all.

I've been seeing strange things on the streets of Yuba City. I had stopped at a fast food restaurant and was about to drive out from the parking lot when I noticed a typical Californian scene: a vaguely homeless-looking man standing on a street corner cadging quarters from motorists who stopped for the light. Suddenly a woman came up to him - a woman with big biceps, looking a bit like Popeye. She jumped up, grabbed the man's head in a hammerlock, and started slugging him in the face. I could see her lecturing him as he struggled like a feeble insect to escape. She kept slugging him in the face. A mother with an eight year old boy walked past and tried to ignore the brawl. Popeye kept slugging the homeless man in the face. After a while, she released the him. Looking a bit stunned, he gathered his things and left.

Beware begging for quarters on busy street corners in Yuba City lest Popeye slug you in the face.

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