Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Psyched Out By Household Stuff This Weekend

On Thursday, the 'Service Engine Soon' light came on in my car. I took it in to OK Tires, but they couldn't divine the issue. They turned the light off, in the hope it doesn't return.

Sweeping the yard of leaves on Saturday, I noticed a big pool of sewage under my back porch. WTF? There was even this cute-looking cinder cone made of toilet paper from the eruption of water through leaves and accumulated debris. That area has an obsolete sewage pipe outlet there from when the house was first built. It can back up when the sewage pipe is blocked, but I thought I had last taken care of that problem in September, when I pulled a lot of roots out of the pipe. I guess the pipe was blocked again, only two months later. Yet, when I rented the roto-rooter snake, I pulled out no roots this time. Water flow seemed to be good. So, why did it back up? Or was this sewage sitting under my back porch for two months? If so, how did I fail to notice it?

It's all very confusing.

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