Friday, November 22, 2013

One Of My Las Vegas Stories Is On The Popular Page At This Week's "Question of the Week" On B3ta

Something odd happened there. A second story was on the popular page too, but they changed their minds and removed it. Oh well! I didn't even really understand my own joke, so maybe it's for the best.  Here's the story that remained:

Attention whore

Because it's all me, me, me... Apart from posting awful lies on Question of the Week, what ridiculous things have you or others done to grab the limelight?

My story is:
Drumming up business

It was a slow morning in Las Vegas; about 3 a.m. A group of bored prostitutes huddled on the casino steps. Suddenly, they took action. They lined both sides of an automated walkway and started spanking the men on the walkway as they trundled by - literally drumming up new business. The spectacle lasted 30 seconds, then they abruptly dispersed.

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