Monday, October 04, 2010

Lisa Curtis Takes A Fall

I didn't check the Internet hardly at all this weekend, and then when I did, I received this:
Hi all~
the bad news is that i was in a motorcycle accident friday eve. the good news is that i'm well enough to write this myself, i'm at home, and my local friends are pitching in on everything from offering laundry and grocery service to helping watch the meds.

the accident: traffic ahead of me stopped faster than i could, i bumped the car in front of me and went down on my left side breaking my left clavicle. Pain! a couple of ribs are sore, and the spine where those ribs meet, but x-rays show no other fractures. & NO head or spine fracture.

i know i've missed a few folks on this list, so 'tis ok to let people know. it is ok to contact anyone on this list for info sharing & the like.

typing is hard but i'll try to keep you all posted. if you can stand using that archaic technology, the phone, i'd enjoy hearing from you.

all the best to you! hugs,
lisa... aka morgan

Horrors! I hope you are basically OK (although clavicle breakage can't be anything but painful!)

Will call later!


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