Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Met Rochelle Swanson, Davis City Council Candidate

Three weeks ago, Davis City Council Candidate (and 2003 Gubernatorial Recall candidate) Daniel Watts was kind enough to visit the DMTC theater. Daniel toured the facility and talked to Steve and Jan.

Daniel discussed DMTC with fellow Davis City Council Candidate Rochelle Swanson, who also wanted to learn more about DMTC.

Today, Rochelle Swanson, together with her campaign manager Will Arnold, also toured DMTC and talked to Steve and Jan.

One problem DMTC has had over the years is that many people in Davis, particularly in the business community (from which City Council candidates frequently come), don't really know much about our theater. The problem was exacerbated when DMTC moved from the Varsity Theater in 2005: to some, DMTC appeared to have either dissolved at that time, or faded from view. DMTC, of course, did neither. Thus, DMTC has an ongoing mission to educate people in the business community, in general, and City Council candidates, in particular, about the theater, and to otherwise heighten the community's awareness of DMTC's existence..

Candidates Rochelle Swanson and Daniel Watts have taken the trouble to visit DMTC and learn more about the theater. Their willingness to visit and listen is in stark contrast to other City Council candidates of the recent past, who have done neither.

As a non-profit theater, DMTC cannot endorse candidates. As a Sacramento resident, my recommendations do not carry as much weight as a Davis' resident's recommendations would. Nevertheless, speaking personally, as a blogger interested in Davis affairs, I urge Davis voters to carefully consider Rochelle Swanson and Daniel Watts for their votes for the seats on the City Council in the upcoming election.

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