Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Shot

Politics is so theatrical! This story regarding Floridian Jim Greer reminds me of what then-obscure Jesse Helms did at the Republican National Convention, I believe, in 1972. While entering the convention hall, Helms had a cameraman slowly walk backwards in front of him, while filming - just to make that all-important I'm-a-big-shot display to impressionable delegates:
Sharon Day, a Broward County committeewoman and secretary of the Republican National Committee, called Greer pompous and showy.

...At one out-of-state RNC meeting, an aide kept walking in and handing notes to Greer, Day said. She was afraid something bad had happened in Florida, so she asked the aide about the notes. They were blank, she said. Her conclusion: Greer had had them delivered to make himself look important.

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