Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Foxy Brown"

I remember, back in 1974, that my high school friends (who, for some reason, never called me by my first name) and I rarely agreed about what movies we should see, or how we should spend our weekends. Conversations would often go something like this:
Marc: Let's go see one of those blaxploitation movies! Let's go see "Foxy Brown"!

Friends: No. Let's go see "Magnum Force" with 'Dirty Harry'!

Marc: 'Dirty Harry' is supposed to be a cop, but he doesn't abide by the law. He never reads anyone their constitutional rights. He's nothing but a fascist!

Friends: You miss the point, Mr. Valdez. 'Dirty Harry' doesn't follow the rules, but he always gives the criminal a choice. "This is a 44. Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world. It can take your head clean off. You've got to ask yourself one question, Do I feel lucky?" See? The criminal gets a choice: a personal choice. It's interesting! On the other hand, 'Foxy Brown' isn't going to give you a choice: she's just going to kick you in the nuts. Then afterwards, we can play miniature golf!

Marc: Miniature golf? Why can't we cruise Central Avenue for chicks like everyone else?

Friends: Why cruise Central Avenue when one can play miniature golf?
Yes, high school was like a dialogue of the deaf. We were working at cross-purposes, I suppose. Thank goodness I'm an adult now and have choices! So, tonight I watched "Foxy Brown" for the first time, on DVD.

Lots of 70's-style sex and violence. Good times! But my friends were right. 'Foxy Brown' didn't give the Bad Guys any choices. She just kicked them in the nuts. On the other hand, she wasn't actually a cop (unlike that fascist 'Dirty Harry'), and thus wasn't bound by law and tradition to read anyone any Constitutional rights. So there!

So, I'm off to cruise for chicks, but first, the lesbian bar fight scene from "Foxy Brown".

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