Monday, August 13, 2007

I Was Bad This Weekend

When people call from charities, the conversation usually goes something like:
Charity: The local NAMBLA chapter is hosting a picnic in the park this weekend. Can you attend?
Marc: No, I'm busy this weekend, but I'd be happy to contribute $40 to the local chapter.
Charity: Thank you ever so much! Donors like you are much appreciated. We'll send you a pledge letter in the mail ASAP, and please return it with your check within ten days.
Then, as often as not, I forget to send in the $40 check, getting the feel-good rush, without the undue burden of meeting the expectations of all the charities that call.

Sometimes this approach extends to politics too. I agreed to go to 'California Speaks' on Saturday at the Sacramento Convention Center. Health insurance issues were going to be discussed.

Nevertheless, got up late, had to wash the bunny and the dog, and just way too much else to deal with.

I apologize.

My bad.

[Update] Stonebender went, and found some pretty overt steering by Ahnold's staff.

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