Friday, March 08, 2019

Jasper's Allergic Reaction

I played amateur vet tonight. Jasper’s face had swollen, particularly on the left side. He was uncomfortable and his eyes itched. An allergic reaction.

I figured Jasper probably ate a bee. Back in my childhood, the next-door neighbors had a dog named Smoky who would chase and catch balls, mud clods, sticks, and anything else that flew, including bees. Smoky’s mouth was swollen all spring long.

Do dogs respond to Benadryl? Didn’t know, but I cut open a Unisom gel cap, and gave Jasper a taste of the Benadryl inside.

Several hours later, for whatever reason, the swelling has diminished. Maybe Jasper’s learned a lesson?

[UPDATE: Uncomfortable night. Jasper was itching uncontrollably. I didn’t know whether it was the allergic reaction or if he had stumbled into fleas. No sleep. He was due for his heartworm/ flea pill, so I gave it to him, and 45 minutes later he threw up. He’s been quiet since then. Probably fell asleep about 4 a.m. Will need to nap a lot today. I hope Jasper feels better today.]

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