Saturday, May 12, 2018

Green Valley Theatre Company's "A Chorus Line"

A few photos from Green Valley's "A Chorus Line" opening night (for this show, at Hiram Johnson High School). Everyone looked fabulous, particularly Christina Castro, Kris Farhood, Elio Gutierrez-Montoya, and Stephanie Hodson. Jenny Lillge looked great too. Loved Jacob Gutierrez-Montoya's choreography (with traces of "The Doorway"), except for the finale. I couldn't put my finger on the difficulty until Ron Cisneros said "I'm glad they did the traditional finale choreography." (I never much liked that traditional finale choreography. Indeed, there are some aspects of the show I've never much liked - it's a bit juvenile - but the concept was always a winner.)

There were some opening night glitches. Sound was a bit weak at times. 'Zach' was having some opening-night jitters. All stuff that will get hammered down as the run proceeds.

Christina Castro as Cassie.

Ana Hansen was there opening night. She explained she's rehearsing for "Mamma Mia" at the Mountain Play in Marin County (opens in a little over a week).

Stephanie Hodson as Judy.

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