Sunday, May 13, 2018

More on MH370 Pilot's Motives

Four years on, experts think they are finally beginning to understand some of the motives of the pilot of doomed flight MH370 (perhaps rage at Anwar Ibrahim's sentence, delivered that day in court in a session attended by the pilot), and his evasive path along the Thai-Malaysian border. In particular, he changed course at Penang, in order to get one last look at his hometown, before vanishing forever:
There has been much speculation as to why the plane went so far off course and “dipped the wing” over Penang before making a sharp turn and heading south for the next six hours. According to Mr Hardy, it was so the pilot could see his hometown one last time.

“I spent a long time thinking about what this could be, what technical reason is there for this?” he said.

“And after two months, three months of thinking about it, I finally got the answer — somebody was looking out the window.

“It might [have been] a long, emotional goodbye or a short, emotional goodbye to his hometown.”

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