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Outline of Architecture, Set, and Prop Associations in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”

This post is entitled "Outline of Architecture, Set, and Prop Associations in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul" (last updated October 17, 2018).

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"A Guidebook To 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations: Albuquerque as Physical Setting and Indispensable Character"

To avoid unnecessary friction, I have redacted the addresses of all single-family homes in the book. (These addresses are still available in these blog posts, however.)

The pictures in the print edition are black-and-white, in order to keep costs down. Pictures in the Kindle edition are in color.

The fifth edition of "A Guidebook To 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations: Albuquerque as Physical Setting and Indispensable Character" is now available (in Print version only). This version is updated through Season 4 of "Better Call Saul."

This version of the Fifth Edition is a Beta release. It is possible it might be updated in November, 2018 to reflect late-arriving information. A Kindle version will be issued later.

The Fourth Edition (Publication date June 28, 2017; 382 pages) of the book can be ordered at these links:

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The Fourth Edition is still available.

For November 2018 release.

Introducing a new book in November 2018: “‘Breaking Bad’ Signs and Symbols: Reading Meaning into Sets, Props, and Filming Locations.”

This book tries to understand the symbolism in AMC's hit television series "Breaking Bad," based on filming-location information.

Urban filming locations are chosen not so much because of the inherent beauty or interest of the buildings involved, but because of the buildings’ abilities to complement the story. Albuquerque is used as a stand-in for the City of Chicago. Like many cities in America’s Great Plains and Mountain West, Albuquerque obtained much of its architecture directly from the Windy City via the AT&SF railroad and Highway 66.

The creative team is interested in telling stories about the legacies and corruptions of modernity, particularly Chicago’s “Century of Progress” (1833-1932). In particular, Chicago-derived daylighting innovations (the practice of passive window design to help illuminate the interiors of large buildings) are featured: Glass Block Windows, Luxfer Prismatic Tile Windows, and Plate Glass Windows. Once the backgrounds of scenes are encoded with meaning, a variety of stories can be told there.

A series of tables are used to isolate certain features - for example: Parallel Beams in the Ceiling; Twinned Features; Five-Pointed Stars; Octagons; Monkeys; Horses; Cats; Moth Orchids; and Skulls.

Certain symbols appear to advance the plot: Native-American symbols; Foreshadowing symbols like Pueblo Deco arches; Danger symbols like bells, staggers, and desk lamps; plus Earth Art.

Featured stories as told in television-scene backgrounds include: The Legacy of El Chapo; Tributes to Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”; The Badger Comes To Entrap; The Five Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe; The legacy of London's Crystal Palace; and Homages to “The Prisoner” and “Ice Station Zebra.”


Outline of Architecture, Set, and Prop Associations in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”
Version 1.0 – Initial Release.
Updated: November 13, 2017.

This outline captures the occurrences of specific sets and props in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”. There is no assurance the outline is complete, or even fully accurate, but it does serve as a starting point for determining the meanings of props and sets in the TV shows, based on association. This outline is a tool to help determine the meanings of significant symbols, based on how, where, and when they are used.

The Architecture and Props of “Breaking Bad”
Use of natural landscape features.

1.) Face in the stone, on the so-called “choo-choo train” (assembly of stone in the background at To’hajiilee):
a. Pilot: View from face on;
b. The Cat’s in the Bag: Easter Island profile;
c. Mas: Parking island (no longer there) at Saul’s resembles Easter Island profile.
2.) Stone monolith at To’hajiilee
a. Tarot references.

Different kinds of arches, and their meanings.
3.) Gentle, round arches associated with revealing emotions, a negotiation, or a discussion between a man and a woman with some power:
a. White marital bed headboard;
b. Across the street from Jesse’s house;
i. The Cat’s in the Bag: with neighborhood walkers, after Crazy-8 died;
ii. 38 Snub: Jesse’s conversation with Andrea;
c. Gary Matter: Elliott and Gretchen’s Party;
i. Gretchen’s kitchen;
d. Crazy Handful: Overhead, with Walt’s discussion with the clerk at Oncology Associates;
e. Crazy Handful: Overhead, at therapy session for cancer victims and their families;
f. Grilled: Gate for property located on Orlando Dr., very near the White residence;
g. Breakage: Jesse drives in the montage, and turns at the intersection of Truman and Lomas. Gentle arches are across the street, at what is possibly a supermarket;
h. Breakage: Jesse and Jane’s, above the front entrance;
i. Negro y Azul: Behind Skyler, in the distance, when she first sits with Ted at Beneke’s;
j. Mandala: Jesse and Jane’s;
k. No Mas: Same arch as Clerk at Oncology Associates, but instead visible from outside during press scrum;
l. IFT: Leo’s Bar;
m. Half Measures: Above entrance to the Crossroads Motel & Wendy’s Hot Pants;
n. Full Measure: Gale’s Apartment;
o. 38 Snub & Blood Money: Car Wash Tunnel;
p. Shotgun & Rabid Dog: Hank and Marie’s living room – pantry and kitchen cabinets;
q. Bug & Crawl Space & Madrigal: Jesse’s living room – TV dinner table, plus arch on fireplace;
r. Crawl Space: Beneke home;
s. Crawl Space & Dead Freight: Hanks home living room;
t. End Times: Copper Parking garage shape;
u. Hazard Pay: House to be bombed, outside & inside;
v. Fifty One: Pool edge;
w. Gliding Over All – At the Grove (also melons);
x. Granite State: Grove chairs;
4.) Round arches associated with:
a. Pilot: Medical offices, MRI;
b. Pilot: Jesse and Emilio’s sage-house meth lab;
c. Pilot and other episodes: Jesse’s house (basement, over bathtub, kitchen door, living room windows);
d. Gary Matter: Gretchen’s kitchen (sink water line);
e. Negro y Azul: Tortuga’s Motel Room;
f. Better Call Saul: Arches outside office;
g. Mas: Next to 4’s Cabaret;
h. Mas: Industrial Laundry;
i. I See You: Hospital eating area;
j. Half Measures: Paul’s Monterey Inn;
k. Full Measure: Across street from Kaylee’s house;
l. Full Measure: Gale’s Apartment (horns on bookcase arranged in an arch);
m. Full Measure: Hinkle’s Amusement Park east bldg., and the theater in-between the two bldgs.;
n. Boxcutter: Hank and Marie’s mailbox arch;
o. Shotgun: A1A sign;
p. Bug: Ron Peterson’s Firearms, across the street from Loyola’s (but arch barely visible);
q. Crawl Space: Beneke home;
r. Face Off: Outside Casa Tranquila, 2 examples;
s. Live Free or Die: Hank’s hallway;
t. Gliding Over All – The Grove & the edge of Walt’s table at home & the MRI arch;
u. Confessions – Gardunos;
v. Granite State: Ponderosa Bar sink;
w. Felina: Elliott & Gretchen’s house.
5.) Dogtooth? arch:
a. Gray Matter: Occidental Building – Badger waves his sign.
6.) Flat or square arches:
a. Caballo sin Nombre: At the Beachcomber;
b. Green Light – Ted’s love nest – circular segment;
c. Green Light – Underpass;
d. Bullet Points – Underpass on Bobby Foster under University Blvd. SE.;
e. Salud: Mexican meth lab;
f. End Times: Arch Time Lapse!!!!!
7.) Broad? Arch:
a. Sunset & Problem Dog & Blood Money: Jesse’s living Room.
8.) Post-and-lintel corbeled arch:
a. IFT: Sandia Bar;
b. Shotgun: behind Los Pollos;
c. Salud: Don Eladio’s pool area;
d. Buried: Restaurant entrance.
9.) Lancet Gothic (or Ogive) arch:
a. Abiquiu: Methodist Church.
10.) Skeletal arches across Central Avenue in Albuquerque:
a. Cornered: Reflection at Loyola’s;
b. Bug: Arch near Loyola’s & looking east at Bank of the West.
11.) Pueblo Deco arches:
a. Breakage: Jesse and Jane’s;
b. Four Days Out: Airport entrance;
c. Green Light & Say My Name: 4th level at Sunport parking garage;
d. Mas & End Times: Industrial Laundry Superlab Metal Walkway;
e. I See You: Hospital doorway, inside;
f. I See You: Hospital Lobby;
g. Abiquiu: Under White’s coffee table;
h. Full Measure: Gale’s Apartment;
i. Shotgun & face Off: Hank and Marie’s living room – tiny arches – very visible – Walt drinks;
j. Bug: View of Pueblo Deco arches as seen past Walt from Hank and Marie’s southern window, SW corner;
k. End Times: In front of Hank and Marie’s, and inside, on shelf above living room;
l. End Times: Laundry;
m. End Times: Back porch at Hank and Marie’s;
n. End Times: Overturned coffee table;
o. End Times: Bldgs. north of Central Ave.;
p. Face Off: Many-Windowed Bldg. corners;
q. Face Off: Possibly at Casa Tranquila;
r. Hazard Pay: Coffee table;
s. Gliding Over All – Grove;
t. Blood Money: Hank and Marie’s back deck.
12.) Related shape to Pueblo Deco Arch – stagger symbol:
a. Mas: Mesa Credit Union Symbol (Pilot too?);
b. White’s Dining Area Seat backs – Fifty One – Blood Money;
c. Sunset: Los Pollos;
d. I See You: Jesse’s hospital room wall;
e. I See You: Pedestrian walkway;
f. Half Measures: Karler Meat Facility;
g. Shotgun: Hank and Marie’s living room, and as Hank describes Gale as genius;
h. Cornered: At Car Wash;
i. Bug: IRS offices;
j. Crawl Space: Schwartzmann’s – Mexican MASH unit;
k. Crawl Space: Beneke home;
l. Crawl Space: Hanks home – bedroom;
m. Live Free or Die: near Police HQ;
n. Madrigal: In Hanover labs??;
o. Hazard Pay: House to be bombed (3 Stooges gorilla);
p. Fifty One: Hank and Marie’s drive;
q. Fifty One & Gliding Over All: White’s back yard;
r. Dead Freight: SFSR locomotive;
s. Buyout: Vamonos garage, inside & outside;
t. Buyout & Gliding Over All & Rabid Dog - Hank and Marie’s living room;
u. Buyout: Arrangement of containers outside Vamonos garage (moved in Say My Name);
v. Buyout: W. Saul on parking garage roof;
w. Rabid Dog: Wood block wall (Mesa pictures may refer to a sense of siege – Battle of Astialakwa, in Jemez country);
x. Rabid Dog: Scary guy at ABQ Civic Plaza;
y. Tohajiilee: Quonset hut end wall meets shell;
z. Tohajiilee: Under I-40 – the embankment;
aa. Ozymandias: possibly row of lights;
bb. Granite State: Clubhouse steps (they only have 600 gallons of the methylamine, so where did the rest go?);
cc. Granite State: Safe house basement steps;
dd. Granite State: Stairway steps at Andrea’s;
ee. Granite State: Ponderosa fence.

13.) Tin Ceiling
a. Negro y Azul: Jesse and Jane’s;
b. Over: Ceiling briefly visible – probably a mistake;
c. Phoenix: Jane looks at the money;
d. ABQ – Mike slaps Jesse;
e. 38 Snub: Louie’s (Mike hits Walt).
14.) Cross in the Ceiling:
a. Bug: Gus’ Office;
b. Salud: Walt’s single apt. bedroom.

Glass Block Windows
15.) Glass Block Windows:
a. Breakage: Distant, when Marie opens garage door;
b. Negro y Azul: Beneke;
c. Over: Raks;
d. Caballo sin Nombre & Hermanos: Casa Tranquila;
e. Green light: Near I-40 Underpass. A seven stud poker reference? In episode ‘I See You’, the spade is the nose in Jesse’s skull tattoo, which is between his shoulder blades;
f. Mas & Cornered: Industrial Laundry;
g. 38 Snub & Cornered & Buried: Car Wash Office;
h. Shotgun: Garcia’s Café;
i. Hermanos: Casa Tranquila;
j. Bug: Maybe at Antique Specialty Mall, 4516 Central Ave. SE, next to Loyola’s;
k. Salud: Barrymore’s Antiques briefly visible;
l. Crawl Space: Laundry (Shorty);
m. End Times: Across from Hank and Marie’s;
n. End Times: In hospital;
o. End Times: Nightclub & Alibi.
16.) Fluorescent lights resembling GBWs:
a. Hazard pay: MDC;
b. Say My Name: Cradock Marine Bank;

17.) Columns with horizontal slashes:
a. Green Light: Carmen’s Office;
b. Green Light – Ted’s love nest lamp;
c. Sunset and 38 Snub: Lights in Walt’s single apartment;
d. Rabid Dog: Isleta swimming pool.

Animals and Children’s toys:
18.) Playground equipment:
a. Hazard Pay: In the back yard at the house to be bombed;
b. Buried: Roosevelt Park;
c. Holly’s toys in the back yard at the White’s house.
19.) Horse:
a. Tortuga’s shirt: Rearing horses, with roses;
b. Half Measures: Pink Horse in White’s Living Room – Holly’s toy;
c. Gliding Over All: A small toy horse;
d. Gliding Over All – White’s back yard table;
e. To’hajiilee: Hanks house, galloping, w. feathers.
20.) Pig:
a. Madrigal: Kaylee’s Toy, Kaylee’s bedroom & Chow’s House.
21.) Monkey (e.g., Curious George) or Gorilla:
a. End Times: Hospital ICU;
b. Hazard Pay: House to be bombed (3 Stooges gorilla);
c. Confessions: On Hank and Marie’s counter;
a. Granite State: Curious George on Stairway steps at Andrea’s home.
22.) Dog:
a. Green Light: Walt distracted by photo of dog;
b. Abiquiu: Statue of Dalmatian in Fring’s house;
c. End Times: Laundry;
d. Blood Money: Dog House.
23.) Teddy Bear:
a. 737;
b. Down;
c. Over;
d. ABQ;
e. Mas: Combo’s Bedroom;
f. Madrigal: Lydia’s House.

24.) Moth Orchids:
a. Negro y Azul: Skyler brings them to Beneke’s;
b. Over: Beneke’s;
c. Bug: At Hank and Marie’s!;
d. Bug & Hazard Pay: At Car Wash office;
e. Salud: At Don Eladio’s pool!;
f. End Times & Dead Freight: Hank & Marie’s;
g. To’hajiilee: Purple orchid in Car Wash office. Also later, pink orchid with Flynn.
25.) Flowers – Irises:
a. One Minute: Hank buys just before getting shot;
b. Fifty One: Lydia’s Office.

Props and set pieces:
26.) Colorful pillows, almost a spectrum:
a. Dead Freight: Lydia’s Home (recited previously by her daughter);
b. Rabid Dog: Skyler on Staycation bed;
c. To’hajiilee: Andrea’s house.
27.) Colorful Mexican papel picado paper banners
a. Confessions – Gardunos Mexican papel picado.
28.) Dining table props
a. Confessions – Hank & Walt have yellow honey missiles. Yellowcake?;
29.) Rooster pottery:
a. White’s House;
b. Elliott and Gretchen’s;
c. No Mas & Live Free or Die: Real rooster;
d. No Mas: Rooster tile at Beachcomber;
e. IFT: Don’t forget the roosters at Chicken Farm!;
f. Rabid Dog: Kitchen box.
30.) Hat:
a. Full Measure: Corral;
b. Fifty One: Gallo Llantera;
c. Buyout: White’s living room;
d. Granite State: in NH.
31.) Oranges:
a. Salud: Don Eladio’s pool area;
b. Crawl Space: Beneke home;
c. Face Off: Casa Tranquila;
d. Blood Money: Hello Carol.
32.) Ladders:
a. Caballo sin Nombre: ladder falls in crawl space access;
b. Fly: Jesse uses in Superlab;
c. Open House: Burglar w. ladder on a pig – Marie lifts it!;
d. Shotgun: Hank and Marie’s living room;
e. Hazard Pay: House to be bombed (where 3 Stooges gorilla is seen on TV);
f. Say My Name: Vamonos ladder truck;
g. Buried: Restaurant entrance;
h. Tohajiilee: Jesse’s pit.
33.) Mask half burned:
a. Full Measure: Gale’s Apartment.
34.) Plates on edge:
a. (previous – resembles bldgs. At Combo’s Corner);
b. Hazard Pay.
35.) Inflatables:
a. Cornered: Affordable Car Sales;
b. Say My Name: Junipers remind me of inflatables.
36.) Blake’s Lotaburger:
a. No Mas: Crystal palace? Room 221?;
b. Caballo sin Nombre;
c. Half Measures: Wendy brings to thugs;
d. Buyout: Martineztown Park
e. Sunset: Jesse, Superlab.
37.) White’s Bedroom:
a. Round mirror w. 4-sided symmetry;
38.) Baseball Bat:
a. Tuco’s;
b. Phoenix: Jesse’s fight with Jane’s dad.
39.) Large Bottle or Object near White’s back door:
a. Phoenix.
40.) Fly:
a. Fly;
b. Hazard Pay: on tent;
c. Fifty One & Gliding Over All: Vamonos poster;
d. Gliding Over All.
41.) Fleur de lis:
a. ABQ: Jane’s Bed sheets;
b. Gliding Over All – Book stop at Walt’s;
c. Blood Money & Confessions & rabid Dog: Hank and Marie’s living room.
42.) Easy-Spirit shoes:
a. Marie;
b. Clerk picking up Walt’s clothes.
43.) Metaphor for crystal:
a. Grilled: Crumble glass for Jesse’s car’s back window;
b. Over: Salt for Margaritas;
c. Kafkaesque: Falling chicken turns into crystal in Los Pollos ad.
44.) Leaves of Grass:
a. Hazard Pay;
b. Fifty One (twice);
c. Gliding Over All.

Vertical panes or plastic strips or straps
44.) Vertical panes or plastic strips or straps:
a. Pilot: Jesse and Emilio’s sage house lab & RV;
b. Kafkaesque & Bug: Los Pollos Warehouse.

45.) Soundscape-Horn:
a. The Proposition to cook meth;
b. Bit By a Dead Bee: Clovis’ Crank it Up (also rooster crow);
c. Gliding Over All – Motel hacienda;
d. Felina – Pat down at Clubhouse.
46.) Soundscape – Counting Money:
a. At Jesse’s: Better Call Saul;
b. Hazard Pay: Morph into machine guns (also Gliding Over All).
47.) Soundscape – Bells:
a. Grilled – Tio;
b. Over – Microwave at Jesse and Jane’s;
c. ABQ: At White’s;
d. IFT: Tio;
e. Reference to bell – I see You, Jesse, referring to Tio;
f. Hermanos: Tio’s bell;
g. Hermanos –Amy Biehl school elevator;
h. Hermanos: La Hacienda de Placitas;
i. Madrigal: Lydia’s appearance;
j. Confessions: (bell on counter - rings);
k. Rabid Dog – 12 bells by the clock tower.
48.) Soundscape – barking dogs:
a. No Mas: White’s back yard;
b. Fifty One: Tented House.
49.) Soundscape: Crows:
a. Green Light: Eldorado parking lot;
b. Sunset: Mrs. Peckatewa’s;
c. Fly – daylight;
d. Half Measures: Paul’s Monterey Inn – Jesse’s T-Shirt;
e. Full Measure: Corral (also doves);
f. Face Off: White’s back yard;
g. Fifty One: Tented House;
h. Gliding Over All – razor wire.
50.) Soundscape: sound of hawks:
a. One Minute: behind Aperture Center;
b. Felina: To’hajiilee Market & Abandoned House.
51.) Soundscape pigeons:
a. Crawl Space: Schwartzmann’s – Mexican MASH unit;
b. End Times: Laundry.
52.) Soundscape – Mockingbird Lullaby:
a. Phoenix;
b. Fly.

Religious and related symbols
53.) Catholic symbols:
a. No Mas: Possibly at Skyler’s lawyer’s office;
b. No Mas: Descanso;
c. I See You: Marie’s pendant.
54.) All-seeing Eye:
a. Caballo sin Nombre: Flynn’s room;
b. Teddy Bear’s Eye:
i. Caballo sin Nombre;
c. Hermanos & Crawl Space: Casa Tranquila chairs;
d. Hermanos –Flynn’s T-Shirt – I’m reminded of the humanist Argentine cult Silo’s Message;
e. Hermanos & Salud & Crawl Space & Face Off – Don Eladio’s amulet;
f. Say My Name: DEA Projector;
g. Gliding Over All: candle holder at White’s;
h. Granite State: cabin chair back;
i. Felina: Clubhouse poster gets shot up.
55.) Twinned features:
a. Live Free or Die: Denny’s, Two bathroom mirrors;
b. Say My Name: Swing at La Palomita Park;
c. Say My Name: Marquette supports;
d. Gliding Over All: Nature of desk lamp;
e. Gliding Over All – Hank and Marie’s – reference to monsters;
f. Buried: House next to Roosevelt Park;
g. Felina: twin windows at Elliott & Gretchen’s;
h. Felina: Twin entries into Skyler’s kitchen.

Bell shapes
56.) Bell shapes – like standard bells:
a. Kafkaesque: Los Pollos advertisement;
b. Kafkaesque: Zen (in addition);
c. Boxcutter: Superlab;
d. 38 Snub & Bullet Points: Portable lights at Jesse’s place;
e. Cornered: Loyola’s parking lot;
f. Hermanos –Amy Biehl school;
g. Bug: Street lights looking east at Bank of the West;
h. Salud: Mexican meth lab;
i. End Times & Face Off & Live Free or Die: Lily of the Valley!;
j. Face Off: Superlab;
k. Hazard Pay: House to be bombed, by front door;
l. Say My Name: Mike’s house (Double Indemnity);
m. Say My Name & Gliding Over All: Portable lamps in tented house;
n. Felina: In Quonset Hut.
57.) Bell shapes – like wine glasses:
a. Mas: hank and Marie’s bathroom;
b. Mas: Industrial Laundry;
c. One Minute & Salud: Walt’s Apartment;
d. I See You: Juan Bolsa’s Hacienda;
e. Kafkaesque: Zen Nail Salon;
f. (Reverse bells – Abiquiu – Andrea’s bedroom);
g. Half Measures: Paul’s Monterey Inn;
h. Bullet Points & To’hajiilee & Felina: Hank and Marie’s living room, on track, near front door;
i. Live Free or Die: Denny’s;
j. Fifty One: Above White’s sink;
k. Gliding Over All – Grove;
l. Felina: Elliott & Gretchen’s;
m. Felina: Lydia’s bedroom.
58.) Bell shapes – desk lamps:
a. 737: ABQ DEA offices;
b. I See You: Jesse’s hospital room table. (Michael Flowers first episode!);
c. I See You: desk lamp: Gus’ office (also Full Measure);
d. Kafkaesque & Problem Dog: Small desk lamp at Chicken farm office;
e. Full Measure: Gale’s Apartment;
f. Boxcutter: Superlab;
g. Bug & Salud & Hazard Pay: Car Wash office (2 of them);
h. Dead Freight & Confessions: Hank’s Office, Hank & Secretary.

Symbols – geometric and otherwise
59.) Five-pointed stars - Ego:
a. Pilot: Family First;
b. The Bag’s in the River: Pendant around Marie’s neck;
c. The Bag’s in the River: Jesse’s place (basement);
d. The Bag’s in the River: Gretchen’s shirt with stars;
e. Cancer Man: Flynn’s poster;
f. Bit By a Dead Bee: Bedroom at Jesse’s bandmate’s place;
g. Better Call Saul: Jesse’s shirt;
h. ABQ – woman’s tattoo next to Jesse in shooting gallery;
i. No Mas – very-unusual 5-pointed Zia symbol;
j. Mas: Stripper pasties;
k. I See You: Jesse’s tattoo – 3 on skull’s chin;
l. Salud: Flynn’s birthday balloons on the new PT Cruiser;
m. End Times: Hospital ICU;
n. Madrigal: Whistlepig at DEA Offices, upper shelf;
o. Fifty One: Lydia’s Office, with tortured ballerina;
p. To’hajiilee: Andrea’s house – kitchen curtains.
60.) Five-petaled flower:
a. IFT & 38 Snub: Skyler’s car seat back.
61.) Golden Moth:
a. Sunset: Superlab;
b. I See You;
c. Fly;
d. Half Measures;
e. Boxcutter;
f. Shotgun.
62.) Suits of cards:
e. Handful of Nothin’:
f. Mas: 4’s Cabaret.
63.) 20-sided symmetry:
a. Blood Money: Jamaica.
64.) 18-sided symmetry:
a. Shotgun: Windmill;
b. Salud: Windmill.
65.) 16-sided symmetry:
a. Salud: Plaque where Jesse shoots Joaquin;
b. End Times: Lights in Saul’s Office (half).
66.) 12-sided symmetry – Zodiac, disciples of Christ, 12 tribes of Israel, 12-step program:
a. Phoenix & Gliding Over All: White’s back yard plaque;
b. Mas: Stripper pasties;
c. Mas: Sun symbol at Combo’s House;
d. Hazard Pay: “Victor flew too close to the Sun”.
67.) Octagon:
a. Peekaboo: Spooge and Skank’s;
b. Mandala: natal office;
c. ABQ: octagonal penthouse makes first appearance with James Edward Kilkelly;
d. One Minute: Tio’s Wagon Wheel Hacienda;
e. 38 Snub: Manhole in front of Gus’ place (wishbone);
f. Open House: Walt’s apartment plaque;
g. Shotgun: Hank and Marie’s living room – Holly’s crib;
h. Hermanos –Amy Biehl school;
i. Hermanos: Umbrellas at La Hacienda de Placitas;
j. End Times: Star in front of Hank and Marie’s;
k. Face Off: Pic of Tio’s family;
l. Live Free or Die: Flood lights, looking at Superlab;
m. Gliding Over All –MRI arch jammies;
n. Confessions: Clock?;
o. Granite State: Ponderosa chandelier;
p. Felina: Clubhouse poker table.
68.) Diamonds:
a. Mandala: Frieze of Diamonds on wall and floor at Los Pollos;
b. No Mas: Skyler’s earrings;
c. Abiquiu: Bogdan’s sweater;
d. Crawl Space: Kuby’s sweater;
e. Granite State: DEA agent’s tie.
69.) Triangles:

70.) Skylights:
a. RV;
b. Caballo sin Nombre: Casa Tranquila?;
c. Shotgun: Laundry.
71.) Clerestory windows:
a. Crazy Handful: Hospital – Jesse is healing;
b. Mandala: Railyards have a clerestory;
c. Physical therapy;
d. Crawl Space: Schwartzmann’s – Mexican MASH unit;
e. End Times & face Off: Hospital;
f. Face Off: Many-Windowed Bldg. (on north side only);
g. Confessions – Gardunos.
72.) Window strip above ground, sometimes in transoms:
a. Clovis’ Crank it Up;
b. Breakage: Clerk and clinic at Oncology Associates;
c. Peekaboo: Walt’s classroom;
d. Peekaboo: Spooge & Skank’s front door;
e. Kafkaesque: Zen & Quiznos;
f. Kafkaesque: Above waiting room at hospital;
g. Open House: Michael Killmore’s House;
h. Hermanos –Amy Biehl school;
i. Live Free or Die: Above car Wash door;
j. Gliding Over All – Grove.
73.) Narrow windows:
a. Half Measures: Paul’s Monterey Inn;
b. Open House: La Palomita House;
c. Buyout: Inside tented house;
d. Buyout: Ehrmantraut interview;
e. Rabid Dog: White’s bedroom & living room windows.
74.) Window above door:
a. Peekaboo: Spooge and Skank’s;
b. Mike’s place;
c. Open House: Michael Killmore’s place;
d. Open House: Police Station;
e. Hazard Pay: House to be bombed.

Various Cartesian Grids
75.) Grid:
a. Mas: stripper’s bra;
b. Sunset: Superlab grid on chair; playing chess; yellow hazmat suit;
c. Full Measure: methylamine containers;
d. Hermanos – Above elevator at Amy Biehl school;
e. Face Off: windows at Casa Tranquila outside Tio’s room;
f. Hazard Pay: Vamonos screws & wall grid;
g. Fifty One: Lydia’s Office;
h. Buyout: Vamonos garage;
i. Say My Name: Cradock windows;
j. Say My Name: Cradock safe deposit boxes;
k. Gliding Over All – chairs outside Grove;
l. Gliding Over All – MDC, under Dennis’ bed;
m. Tohajiilee: Quonset hut windows & booth windows;
n. Tohajiilee: Andrea’s house – silly girl grid;
o. Felina: Quonset Hut;
p. Felina: In clubhouse.
76.) Grid as a prop:
a. Face Off: Casa Tranquila - Tio’s letter grid;
b. Hazard Pay: Mike’s crossword – Saul: “So, bring Mike here?”

77.) The Cat’s in the Bag. Marie expresses resentment about how her sensible nursing shoes make her look like she should be emptying bedpans for a disgusting old person, drawing a parallel to Walt emptying the basement bucket of Crazy-8, a disgusting young person.
78.) Cancer Man: Jacob Pinkman, Jesse’s little brother, attends L.C. Byrd Magnet School. Lloyd C. Bird High School is a public high school in Chesterfield, Virginia – the school where Vince Gilligan attended high school.
79.) Grilled: Tuco has a bottle tree, with hanging bottles. Later, in Breakage, Hank adopts the bottle tree, in its alternative use, in his bottle-drying rack in his garage where he makes Schraderbrau. Similarly in episode Green Light, Hank is wearing a floral shirt, featuring the same flowers as Jesse was planting at the Jar Spa.
80.) Breakage: When Jane’s apartment is first glimpsed, the image of a Madonna is visible through the front door.
d. Phoenix: Madonna reappears on Jesse’s T-Shirt – Jesse’s lost the meth;
e. Phoenix: Jane wears the tilma – the overcoat – and wears a T-Shirt with roses – the Castilian roses of Our Lady of Guadalupe;
f. ABQ: Mural of Jane.
81.) Negro y Azul: UNM Center for Development and Disability, UNM Midtown Center
82.) Mandala: Badger comes from Fresno. Presumably Clovis too. Badger is a tiny town near Fresno and Clovis is a major suburb of Fresno.
83.) Phoenix: Does it refer only to the Mars Lander? Jane is from Phoenix. Green Light, Valley of the Sun. Mars Lander Returns in Fly.
84.) No Mas & Sunset: Walt cuts off crusts, similar to Crazy-8
85.) No Mas: Walt blames the government regarding jane’s dad’s death
86.) Caballo sin Nombre: Soap stop at the beachcomber, same as at Breakage montage
87.) IFT: Leo’s bar built like a church without windows.
88.) Sunset: Star Trek Enterprise had a self-destruct button.
89.) Abiquiu: Combo shot in neck.
90.) Half Measures: Sudden apparition of the Stuffed Pig (Tubbie Wubbie) Discussion of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” and “Yawp”. The Pig and the Skyscraper Chicago A History of Our Future, 2002. Chicago’s Worst Disaster, the 1995 Heat epidemic.
91.) First bowl of balls: Walt’s single apt. (38 Snub).
92.) Bullet Points: That ship has sailed reference. You can buy a paddle.
93.) Bullet Points: Learn’d Astronomer (also Boxcutter)
94.) Bullet points: Gus has NM Digest (but Hank has Santa Fe Digest)
95.) Problem Dog: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” Hank uses it, just as Walt once did.
96.) Xzavier Clothing may be a major Jesse clothing source.
97.) Bug: Regarding fake addresses, Los Pollos Hermanos address is given as 12,000 – 12,100 Coors Rd. SW, 87045. That address corresponds to Amadeo’s Pizza & Subs South Valley location. Amadeo succeeded Pudge Bros. at its Lomas location, and used in the Breakage montage. (Gus’ address is given as 1200 – 1300 Jefferson Blvd. NE, 87110).
98.) Beneke fake address is 5208 Morris St. NW, 87107
99.) Face Off: Walt goes over back yard wall
100.) Fifty One: Whorls on placemats. Reminds one of Van Gogh or Taylor quote on viscosity
101.) Buyout: In mentioning quantities of methylamine, Declan mentions 666 (2/3 of 1000).
102.) Toy car in Blood Money and Buried is yellow (the Yellow Man). What about in 737? (It’s red.) Rabid Dog: The Old Yeller situation (Jesse)
103.) Buried: Todd pulls up Lydia much like N by NW.
104.) Ozymandias: Skyler’s outfit resembles a snow angel. Disappearer’s store front resembles a host of angels.

The Architecture and Props of “Better Call Saul”
Use of natural landscape features.

Different kinds of arches, and their meanings.
1.) Gentle, round arches associated with revealing emotions, a negotiation, or a discussion between a man and a woman with some power:
a. Uno: Crazy crescents hanging over Mrs. Kettleman;
b. Bingo: Crazy crescents farther away;
c. Uno: Nail Salon;
d. Uno: Dinosaur tail at skate park;
e. Uno: Grids on garage – gentle arch;
f. ASB: Ricky Sipes’ house;
g. ASB & Amarillo: Strauss fan;
h. ASB: chair backs at Loyola’s;
i. ASB: Crescent driveway at Stacy’s;
j. Five-O: Lindy’s 2nd-floor window;
k. Five-O: Two Fools;
l. Bingo: HHM hallway;
m. Bingo: Kim’s HHM bookcase;
n. Pimento: HHM façade;
o. Switch: Cinnabon;
p. Switch: Daniel Wormald’s house (more like a 3-circle arch);
q. Switch: Double-arched tent at oxbow pool;
r. Cobbler: HHM conference room;
s. Gloves Off: Stores near El Michoacano;
t. Rebecca: Chains hanging from lights at Loyolas;
u. Inflatable: Gentle arch over all-seeing eye;
v. Inflatable: At Stacy’s new place, bay window;
w. Fifi: Networking device in HHM conference room;
x. Fifi and Lantern: Double walkways above lobby at HHM;
y. Nailed: St. Mary’s School playground;
z. Klick: Reflection in hospital TV;
aa. Mabel: Cottonwood Mall – along roof ridgetop;
bb. Mabel: Cottonwood Mall – Cinnabon;
cc. Mabel: Pool in Mesa Verde lobby;
dd. Mabel: Painting over half of the rainbow;
ee. Mabel: Kaylee’s drawing on fridge, featuring crescent moon and five, five-pointed stars;
ff. Witness: Gates and fence on side road near Los Pollos;
gg. Witness: Armrests on Jimmy’s (or is it Kim’s?) chair, plus letter container;
hh. Sunk Costs: Clinica Gratuita doorway & Windows;
ii. Sunk Costs: Telephone lines;
jj. Chicanery: Gentle crescents in mural;
kk. Off Brand: With Makeup Girl and Tower Antenna;
ll. Expenses: Very slight lateral arch at I-40 bridge;
mm. Expenses: Across street from Daniel Wormald;
nn. Expenses: In distance near Natal dome;
oo. Slip: Cables at Juan Tabo bridge;
pp. Fall: Mrs. Landry’s chair back.
2.) Round arches associated with:
a. Uno: Nail Salon – Greek mural;
b. Uno & Cobbler & Fall: Conference Room – row of 5 light arches on table (12 chairs);
c. Gloves Off: Conference table arches gone!;
d. Fall: Double-mace revealed on conference table!;
e. Uno & Mabel: Chuck’s mailbox arch;
f. Uno: Chuck’s sink water line;
g. Uno: Apartments across street from Champion grocery, including gate;
h. Mijo: Windows at Abuelitas;
i. Uno & Nacho- Street w. the Kettlemans, & next door, & nearby;
j. ASB: Ricky Sipes’ house;
k. Five-O: ABQ Train station;
l. Bingo: Chuck’s house;
m. Marco: Bingo hall;
n. Amarillo: Davis & Main lobby ceiling light fixture;
o. Gloves Off: Above north entrance to El Michoacano;
p. Gloves Off: Chuck’s house cabinet;
q. Rebecca: Fireplace at Davis & Main;
r. Rebecca: Surprising nighttime illumination of circles in HHM façade look like arches;
s. Inflatable: Narrow arches in kitchen cabinets at Stacy’s new place;
t. Inflatable: basketball hoop back stop at Stacy’s new house exterior;
u. Inflatable: U.S. Federal Courthouse cupola;
v. Fifi: arch over Montano front door, exterior;
w. Nailed: Rainbow arches at Montano;
x. Klick: rainbow, and inverted reflection;
y. Sunk Costs: Clinica Gratuita doorway;
z. Sabrosito: Gus stands directly under basketball hoop arch!;
aa. Chicanery: Carpenter’s Union hall entrance, when seen from inside;
bb. Off Brand & Expenses: At support group meeting for lost & dead people;
cc. Expenses: Gail Ryba bridge arch;
dd. Expenses: Near parking booth.
3.) Upturned arch:
a. Nacho: Pipe under annex bathroom sink;
b. Five-O: swing set seat at Stacey’s;
c. Rebecca: Bathroom “a mi manera”.
4.) Flat or square arches:
a. Nacho – Power lines in downtown alley;
b. Bali Hai: Jimmy’s bedroom entrance.
5.) Lancet Gothic (or Ogive) arch:
a. Marco: St. John’s cathedral;
b. Inflatable: Stacy’s new house exterior, across the street.
6.) Skeletal arches across Central Avenue in Albuquerque:
a. Nailed: near Loyolas.
7.) Pueblo Deco arches:
a. Marco: St. John’s cathedral, 2 examples;
b. Switch & Amarillo: Davis & Main lobby;
c. Amarillo: Jimmy framed by PD arch in his apartment;
d. Amarillo: Tiny arches visible in D&M bullpen corbels;
e. Lantern: HHM Lobby.
8.) Related shape to Pueblo Deco Arch – stagger symbol:
a. Uno & Mijo & Nacho & ASB & Pimento & Bali Hai: Nail Salon – Jimmy’s Office;
b. Mijo: Blue-green cabinet at Abuelita’s;
c. Nacho: Kettlemans’ back yard wall near gate;
d. Hero: Near billboard;
e. ASB: Mrs. Strauss’ stairway;
f. Switch: Wall at oxbow pool;
g. Switch & Bali Hai: Fireplace banco at Davis & Main;
h. Gloves Off: Chuck’s stairway;
i. Rebecca: HHM Stairway;
j. Rebecca: in Chuck’s venetian blinds;
k. Rebecca: HHM lobby security station;
l. Bali Ha’i: Stairway at Jimmy’s corporate apartment;
m. Bali Ha’i: In front of Mike’s house, including wall;
n. Inflatable: Edge of ABQ Convention Center;
o. Inflatable: During Scorpio montage, Jimmy’s closet;
p. Fifi: Chuck leans on his living room table;
q. Fifi: Small symbol in HHM lobby;
r. Mabel: Cut in cardboard box in Kim’s office;
s. Mabel: In or about ceiling of Mesa Verde lobby;
t. Witness: Wall on Howard’s back yard journey;
u. Sabrosito: La Hacienda de Placitas – background;
v. Klick & Chicanery & Lantern: Chuck’s stairway;
w. Chicanery: Carpenter’s Union hall entrance, when seen from inside;
x. Chicanery: Mesa symbols in mural;
y. Off Brand: At support group meeting for lost & dead people;
z. Expenses: Building arrangement near Natal dome;
aa. Slip: Distant wall at Juan Tabo bridge;
bb. Fall: Chair Yoga area;
cc. Lantern: Chair Yoga room, in corner.
9.) Angled RR arch:
a. Mabel: Angled arch in Roundhouse area.
10.) Greek fantasy arch:
a. Mijo & Hero: Venetian fantasy, w. mural.

11.) Tin Ceiling:
a. Bingo: Kettleman patio.
12.) Wood strip ceiling:
a. Rico: Stacey’s living room.

Glass Block Windows
13.) Glass Block Window:
a. Uno & Mijo & Nacho & ASB & Pimento & Bali Hai: Nail Salon – Jimmy’s Office;
b. Nacho – Power lines in downtown alley;
c. Hero & Marco- AT&T parking building, in alley;
d. ASB: Casa Tranquila clear GBW;
e. Five-O: Lindy’s;
f. Gloves Off & Off Brand: El Michoacano;
g. Inflatable & Klick: Montano law office;
h. Nailed: St. Mary’s School playground;
i. Klick: Chicago hospital lobby;
j. Witness: Side road near Los Pollos;
k. Witness: Streamline Moderne house on Laguna;
l. Expenses: Duke City Recliners;
m. Expenses: 508, near parking booth.
14.) Fluorescent lights resembling GBW:
a. Bingo: 2 Park Plaza;
b. Expenses: Santa Rosa Insurance Group.

Animals and Children’s toys:
15.) Horse:
a. Mijo: Abuelita’s, toy rocking horse;
b. Nacho: toy horse in Kettleman daughters’ bedroom (Stuart Little);
c. Bali Hai: Horse painting at Jimmy’s corporate apartment;
d. Mabel: Horse silhouette in Mesa Verde lobby;
e. Expenses: Horse statue & picture of horse at Mesa Verde.
16.) Griffins:
a. Mijo: Side of coffee-table type chest.
17.) Cat:
a. Mijo: Stuffed pink TY cat;
b. Mijo: Porcelain cat at nail Salon;
c. Amarillo: Cat statue at Stacy’s;
d. Rebecca: Stuffed light orange TY cat;
e. Nailed: Copy shop statue;
f. Klick: CAT scan;
g. Lantern: At Mrs. Landry’s – Cat cookies and stuffed mottled cat;
h. Lantern: Chair Yoga room (plus cow).
18.) Panda Bear:
a. Uno, Mijo & Switch: Outer office of Jimmy’s office.
19.) Teddy Bear:
a. Rico: Kaylee’s bear.
20.) Monkey (e.g., Curious George) or Gorilla:
a. Witness: Mike at car lot.
45.) Pig:
a. Amarillo: Kaylee’s toy.

46.) Moth Orchids:
a. Rebecca: Outside Chuck’s office – re: Kim;
b. Fifi: Outside Howard’s office.
47.) Flower: Lily
a. Sabrosito: Flowers on Ximenez’s shirt.
48.) Flower: Hibiscus
a. Sabrosito: La Hacienda de Placitas.
49.) Flower: Yellow Rose
a. Off Brand: At support group meeting for lost & dead people.

Props and set pieces:
50.) Unusual fireplace screen:
a. Rico & Witness: At Chuck’s!
51.) Vertical blinds:
a. Five-O: Stacey’s front window.
52.) Inflatable:
a. Marco: Outside Chicago bar;
b. Inflatable: Inflatable.
53.) Unusual desk lamp:
a. Rico: Schweikart & Copley’s purple lamp;
b. Drawing on Chuck’s wall.
54.) Georgia O’Keeffe painting:
a. Lantern: Kim’s apartment.
55.) Ladders:
a. X & Fall: Sandpiper Crossing lobby;
b. Switch: Kim’s apartment;
c. Klick: Chuck’s living room.
56.) Mirror:
a. Nacho: Kettleman living room.
57.) Donkey:
a. Uno: In front of Abuelita’s door.
58.) Bowl of balls:
a. ASB: Chuck’s bowl of crystal balls;
b. Amarillo: Jimmy’s bowl of balls;
c. Bali Hai: Jimmy’s corporate apartment.
59.) Shoes on Line:
a. Sunk Costs;
b. Lantern: In distance, at upholstery shop.
60.) Boxing glove necklace (Tuco):
a. Mijo.
61.) Faceless Dummies:
a. Mijo: Abuelita’s .
62.) Baseball bat:
a. ASB: at Mike’s house:
63.) Different chandeliers at Vantage 420 for Mijo vs. later?
64.) Venetian blinds:
a. Chuck’s & Abuelita’s & Loyolas.
65.) Christmas Lights:
a. Sunk Costs: Clinica Gratuita doorway

Vertical panes or plastic strips or straps
66.) Vertical panes or plastic strips or straps:
a. Gloves Off: Doc review;
b. Gloves Off & Fifi: Chuck’s living room wood paneling;
c. Rebecca: Lamps in Chucks’ living room & bedroom;
d. Rebecca: Building near the parking booth;
e. Rebecca: Strips seen by X-ray cam at Annex;
f. Rebecca: During rain, parking garage, “a mi manera”;
g. Rebecca & Nailed: Loyola’s – here comes Tio – building in distance;
h. Inflatable; Bay Window at Stacy’s new house;
i. Nailed: St. Mary’s School playground on canopy;
j. Witness: Dead drop at the Rail yards;
k. Chicanery: Chuck’s cabinet pattern;
l. Off Brand: Carpet store carpet rolls;
m. Slip: Fence at Allen’s Automotive;
n. Fall: Gus & Tuco meet in the rain.

67.) Soundscape: Bells:
a. Uno: Chuck on typewriter;
b. Rebecca: Loyola’s – here comes Tio;
c. Nailed & Sabrosito: Loyola’s;
d. Sunk Costs: Clinica Gratuita doorway;
e. Sunk Costs: Annex elevator;
f. Sabrosito: Annex elevator (“Bingo!”).
68.) Soundscape: Clocks:
a. ASB: Strauss G-father clock.
69.) Soundscape – Train Horn:
a. Marco- AT&T parking building, in alley;
b. Cobbler: Upholstery shop.
70.) Soundscape – car horn:
a. Mabel: at Chucks.
71.) Soundscape – barking dogs:
a. Mabel: At Chuck’s;
b. Mabel: Mike’s home;
c. Witness: Howard goes through back yards;
d. Sunk Costs: Jimmy’s arrest;
e. Lantern: At Upholstery shop.
72.) Soundscape: Crows and dogs:
a. ASB: Crows & dogs as officer is at door.
73.) Soundscape: Crows
a. Mabel: 5 J’s as Mike dismantles car
b. Witness: Howard’s back yard journey

Religious and related symbols
74.) All-Seeing Eye:
a. Uno & Cobbler & Inflatable otherwise: HHM Conference Room – Behind head of table;
b. Bali Hai: peacock feathers at Forque.
75.) Twinned features:
a. Bingo: 2 Park Plaza – doorway;
b. Fifi: Montano office– doorway;
c. Fifi: Aztec warehouse garage bays;
d. Chicanery: Twin posters featuring architectural grids at Chuck’s;
e. Expenses: Twins running ABQ In Tune;
f. Fall: Bingo Hall.

Bell shapes
76.) Bell shapes – like standard bells:
a. Nacho: Kim’s bedroom;
b. Nacho: Kettleman stairway;
c. Five-O: Stacey’s back yard light;
d. Rico: Desk lamp at HHM;
e. Gloves Off: Desk lamp (HHM or D&M?);
f. Gloves Off: Mike says “Killing your partner is a bell you don’t unring.”;
g. Rebecca & Sabrosito: Bells in Loyolas parking lot, and nearby;
h. Bali Hai & Slip: Forque restaurant;
i. Inflatable: Just inside door of Chicago store;
j. Inflatable: Pixar-type light;
k. Slip: Triangle Grocery in Cedar Crest – fruits & vegetables area;
l. Lantern: Kim’s kitchen;
m. Lantern: On counter at Upholstery shop.
77.) Broad bell shapes:
a. Five-O & Rico & Amarillo: Lights at Stacey’s house;
b. Marco: Chicago bar;
c. Gloves Off: Motel room with arms salesman & M40.
78.) Bell shapes – like wine glasses:
79.) Bell shapes – desk lamps:
a. Mabel: Montano office of Kim’s;
b. Mabel: Mike’s home – Bell-type desk lamp;
c. Off Brand: Reflection in Nacho’s eye at sewing machine.
80.) Upward Facing Lamps:
a. Mijo: Abuelita’s;
b. Nacho: Lamps in Kettleman sons’ bedroom, & in hallway;
c. Switch: Kim’s apartment;
d. Off Brand: Jimmy’s office;
e. Off Brand: Shadow from upward facing circular lamp at Kim’s.
81.) Lantern:
f. Cobbler: Chuck’s;
82.) Upturned Bells:
a. Rebecca & Chicanery: Lights at Chucks;
b. Bali Hai: Kim’s apartment.

Symbols – geometric and otherwise
83.) 24-sided symmetry:
a. Lantern: Chair Yoga room Japanese sun in Ferris Wheel poster.
84.) 18-sided symmetry:
a. Sabrosito: La Hacienda de Placitas windmill.
85.) 16-point symmetry:
a. Rebecca & Lantern: Strange pointy discs on display in HHM lobby;
b. Witness: Sun wind chime (could be 8 too because of double points);
c. Expenses: Natal dome.
86.) 12-sided symmetry – Zodiac, disciples of Christ, 12 tribes of Israel, 12-step program:
a. Lantern: Chair Yoga room Ferris Wheel poster.
87.) 10-fold symmetry:
a. Nacho: dart board in Kettleman son’s bedroom.
88.) 8-fold symmetry:
a. Hero: Pennsylvania Dutch Hex symbol;
b. Bali Hai: Octopus on Kaylee’s beach ball at Hotel Blue.
89.) Octagon:
a. Cobbler: manhole cover outside Kim’s (hard to see);
b. Rebecca: Floormat at Chuck’s;
c. Rebecca & Bali Hai: umbrella at Hotel Blue;
d. Inflatable: US federal Courthouse cupola;
e. Witness: Sun wind chime (could be 16 too because of double points);
f. Sabrosito: La Hacienda de Placitas.
90.) 7-point symmetry:
a. Cucumbers;
b. Possibly Statue of Liberty (crown has 7 spikes);
c. Marco: On wall of Chicago bar.
91.) 6-fold symmetry:
a. Nacho: 6-lobed petals in Kettleman daughter’s bedroom;
b. Hero: Wheelwright Bar;
c. Marco: Chicago bar beer poster;
d. Switch: Painting in Jimmy’s office.
92.) 5-point symmetry:
a. Rebecca: Rebecca’s striking, interlinked, 5-petaled necklace;
b. Slip: Mike’s Chrysler’s pentagon.
93.) 5-point star:
a. Marco: Rush 2112 poster – Starman;
b. Amarillo: Texas flag;
c. Rebecca: On Annex floor;
d. Bali Hai: 5-point star within a 10-pointed polygon;
e. Inflatable: Chicago store, next to cash register;
f. Mabel: Cottonwood Mall;
g. Mabel: Kaylee’s drawing on fridge, featuring crescent moon and five, five-pointed stars;
h. Off Brand: Star wipes in Saul Goodman’s TV ad;
i. Fall: Lydia’s Award on her desk, next to tortured ballerina.
94.) Diamonds:
a. Uno: Gene’s Omaha residence;
b. Uno & Switch: Nail Salon – on wall, w. Saints;
c. Uno: HHM Conference Room;
d. Marco: Jimmy’s collar in alley;
e. Switch & Gloves Off & Inflatable: Jimmy’s office windowsill;
f. Amarillo: Above fireplace at Davis & Main;
g. Rebecca: Loyolas;
h. Bali Hai: Tio’s shirt;
i. Mabel: Double diamond is mesa Verde logo;
j. Rebecca: Glasses at Chucks;
k. Witness & Sabrosito: frieze of diamonds at Los Pollos;
l. Expenses: Ceiling at Santa Rosa Insurance Group;
m. Fall: Mrs. Landry’s sofa end.
95.) 3-sided symmetry:
a. Nacho: Door closer in Annex stairwell;
b. Hero: Yield sign near Mike’s booth;
c. ASB: Façade of Mike’s house, & house next door, with sunrise symbol;
d. Bingo: Chuck’s;
e. Pimento: Yield sign at Forest Park;
f. Pimento & Switch & Cobbler: Stacks at Algodones power plant – 3 boilers & 2 sets of 3 CTs each;
g. Cobbler: Davis & Main bull pen;
h. Fifi: Triangles in HHM rug;
i. Nailed: Yield sign near Chuck’s house;
j. Nailed: St. Mary’s School playground eqpt.;
k. Chicanery: Triangles in mural;
l. Expenses: near ABQ in Tune;
m. Slip: Framing at ABQ Civic Plaza;
n. Slip: Triangle Grocery in Cedar Crest;
o. Fall: Scott and Kienzle ceiling latticework;
p. Fall: Kim’s earring (does car have a triangle emblem too?);
q. Lantern: Light in background at Kim’s apartment;
r. Lantern: In distance at upholstery shop.
96.) Trylon:
a. Cobbler; Metronome;
b. Rebecca & Fifi & Sunk Costs: Kim’s earrings;
c. Off Brand: Tower Antenna.
97.) Downward pointed daggers:
a. Slip: Allen’s Automotive;
b. Fall: Gus & Tuco meet in the rain in bldg. w dagger supports.
98.) Steam or smoke:
a. Nacho – Power lines in downtown alley;
b. Cobbler: Upholstery shop;
c. Slip: El Michoacano A/C unit break, plus cooking on stove;
d. Fall: Kim’s auto accident.

99.) Windows above main windows:
a. Uno: Nail Salon;
b. Inflatable: Inverted orientation at Schweikart & Cokeley’s;
c. Fifi: US Border Crossing Garage;
d. Sabrosito: Fire Station 20;
e. Lantern: Chair Yoga room.
100.) Clerestory windows:
a. Klick: Outside view of hospital clerestory during time lapse – Chuck is healing;
b. Mabel: Cottonwood Mall;
c. Slip: Triangle Grocery in Cedar Crest.
101.) Luxfer prismatic windows:
a. Five-O: Lindy’s.
102.) Unusual window pattern featuring squares:
a. Bingo: Chuck’s;
b. Rebecca.
103.) Narrow vertical windows
a. Mijo: Abuelita’s.
104.) Coach lanterns and other lanterns
a. Lantern: Outside Chuck’s.

Various Cartesian Grids
105.) Grid:
a. Five-O: Back yard fence at Stacey’s;
b. Five-O: Police car cage;
c. Bingo: Wanted posters;
d. Bingo: 2 Park Plaza;
e. Rico: Mail room boxes;
f. Gloves Off: Davis & Main;
g. Klick: Target;
h. Sunk Costs: BCDC jail door;
i. Sunk Costs & Sabrosito & Expenses: Plastic milk carton container in Kim’s office;
j. Chicanery: Twin posters featuring architectural grids at Chuck’s;
k. Off Brand: Tower Antenna;
l. Expenses: Duke City Recliners;
m. Lantern: Rectangular grid in Kim’s kitchen;
n. Lantern: fence at Aztec warehouse;
106.) Grid as a prop:
a. Nacho: Mike’s crossword;
b. Marco: Check again – Mike’s crossword;
c. Mabel: Mike’s crossword – “Can you get me that?”;
d. Witness: Word Jumble.

Winged Building
107.) Winged building:
a. Fifi: US border crossing;
b. Slip: Allen’s Automotive.

Parallel Beams in Ceiling
108.) Parallel beams in ceiling:
a. Mijo & Rebecca & Sabrosito: Under Marquette;
b. Rico: Mrs. Landry’s ceiling at Sandpiper Crossing;
c. Switch & Gloves Off: Jimmy’s office at Davis & Main and bull pen;
d. Amarillo: Davis & Main lobby ceiling;
e. Gloves Off:
f. Bali Hai & Inflatable & Fall: Latilla ceiling in HHM conference room;
g. Nailed: Mike & Nacho’s railyard rendezvous;
h. Off Brand: Carpet store ceiling;
i. Expenses: Under I-40 bridge;
j. Slip: Under Juan Tabo bridge;
k. Expenses: Duke City Recliners;
l. Expenses: Looking down at parking structure rooftop outside Santa Rosa Insurance Group;

Nuclear option mentioned
109.) Nuclear Option mentioned:
a. Mijo: Abuelita’s.
110.) Discussion regarding The Prisoner and Sandpiper Symbol (from VGAS).
111.) Falling down an infinite well – Pimento: Chuck at HHM.
112.) Marco: Jimmy gets Marco’s Ring – Switch: ring.
113.) Sabrosito: Mike tosses money back to Jeremiah – a call back to BrBa’s Green Light.
114.) Off Brand: Carpet store carpet rolls look like Cinnabons.
115.) Expenses: Lycamobile sign.

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