Friday, August 25, 2017

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters (recently renovated because of an invasion of assclowns).
The firefighter barracks were where Ammon Bundy and his conservative assclowns made themselves at home during their siege. I wanted to look at the trench the dug out using a backhoe, apparently as a tank trap, which they dug through Paiute sacred relics and used as a toilet trench, but the fellow said it had been filled in and I'd never be able to tell it had ever been there.
Delightful museum!
The biggest problem at Malheur is an infestation of carp. These fish eat everything in sight and limit the natural productivity of the refuge. They've been trying all kinds of things to fight the carp since 1955.
Land use is intricate at Malheur. The refuge has to coordinate with private landowners through the basin to fight carp, and to help try to coordinate harvesting so as not to pose a threat to bird nesting sites.

Conservative political ideology among some surrounding landowners creates friction and vastly-complicates management problems at Malheur.

Conservative political ideology is something like an infestation of carp. Ideology limits what our nation can produce. The reason we can't have nice things is because of conservative political ideology.

When they poured the concrete for this sidewalk, some large animal couldn't wait for the concrete to cure.

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