Friday, July 21, 2017

Two Projects This Week

I've been up to two projects this week.

Earlier this year, I self-published an account of my childhood ("A New Mexico Childhood: The View from Albuquerque's Edge in the Sixties and Early Seventies"). I'd like to continue that autobiographical process. I've started a timeline in order to write a selection of tales from my college and academic years (1974-1990).

Academia can be dreary, but odd little things happened that might be entertaining to read - whimsical non-sequiturs. Hanging around dancers young and old. Changing my opinion while deliberating on a murder jury. And then there was the night Jerry Falwell came to Tucson and laid a trap for liberals. Weirdness happened!

I've also been purging magazines from my basement. This is hard, because they call me Hoard, the Magazine King. For example, I'm saving only selections from 20 years of Science Magazine and tossing the rest. I had yet more nature and dance magazines to go, but a woman on Nextdoor Curtis Park wants to make collages, and this evening she came and took them away. Whew! Finally dethroned! She can have the crown!

Here is a video representing the spirit of that wonderful decade where many of us once dwelt, the Eighties:

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