Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time For A Margarita!

[Monday night] Very pleased with what appears to be the death of Obamacare repeal. Despite differing opinions regarding government involvement in health care (I'm a single-payer advocate myself) Democrats stuck together against the Republican onslaught, knowing that nothing good could ever come from doing Obamacare repeal this way.

Meanwhile, in order to curry favor with the rich and punish the poor, Republicans lied to themselves and the country with such unnatural vigor that there's nothing left for them but a venomous wasteland. What a legacy! The Republicans were absolutely, totally counting on the windfall of money from Obamacare repeal to fund dramatic tax cuts for their rich donors. They'll either have to find new victims to rob instead, or run a vast deficit. Either way, it'll be more honest than making crippled and disabled people pay for those tax cuts.

The time will come when Democrats will win elections and regain the initiative. Till then, we gird for new battles. But tonight, before mounting the battlements again, time for a margarita!

[Tuesday night] Time for a second margarita! It was clear that if they couldn't replace ACA, with its confusing obfuscatory shell game of removing protections, that repeal would be even less appetizing, because all protections for existing conditions and coverage for adult children up to age 26 would be instantly removed. Naked legislators are unhappy legislators! Now, we need to worry about Republican sabotage of Obamacare, but at least the law is on our side. We must remain vigilant, despite the margaritas.

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