Monday, July 17, 2017

Exhibit A in the Absolute Absurdity of Conservative Thought

I'm not worthy, but God is great. How else to explain Ann Coulter going absolutely batshit insane when Delta Airlines asked her to move from an aisle seat (with extra leg room) to a window seat (also with extra leg room), in order to maximize the convenience of nearby passengers? How is it such a wonderful thing could have happened to such a deserving person? What better illustration of how pampered today's snowflake conservative media elite really are?

Because, next to Donald Trump, Ann Coulter is the most vile person on the planet. She has no natural sympathy for anyone. Remember when that doctor was manhandled and ejected by United Airlines? Ann Coulter expressed the opinion that the doctor should be deported.

Ann Coulter's outrages extend over the decades. She also expressed the idea that 9/11 widows were sad opportunists. Anything for infamy. Anything for the spotlight. There is no outrage that is beneath her.

In this incident, Ann Coulter abused Delta Airlines staff. She also took photos of her seatmates and blasted them over the Internet for no good reason other than to mock them, even though they did nothing other than follow airline requests. As Ann Coulter should have meekly done. Laws were greatly strengthened after 9/11, giving airlines virtual autonomy in matters of passenger management. I'm sure Ann Coulter never objected about this development when it mattered. Basically, she can shut up or get clubbed off the airline too. It's all legal! As I once heard the manager of a KFC tell an unruly customer, "I am asking you to leave, and have a nice day."

Conservatives are always babbling about the need for respect, reserve, and maturity in society. This incident is Exhibit A in the absolute absurdity of conservative thought. Also, this.

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