Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teed Up Ryan's health Care Bill

Ryan's problem is the exact same problem that bedeviled John Boehner when he was Speaker of the House. Which means, when conservatives and radical conservatives split, then the only way to get a deal is to work with Democrats. Ryan needs to pull the Obamacare Repeal in order to fortify Obamacare, not repeal it, with the aid of Democrats.

Democrats run this show. Trump needs to raise the budget ceiling soon. What will he concede to get a deal? Let's find out!

We wouldn't want Trump to lose again now, would we?:
But on Wednesday, once it became clear that the bill wouldn’t have the votes otherwise, Donald Trump signed off on adding that portion. Once that was negotiable, all hell broke loose. It became perfectly clear why Ryan never wanted to go down this path of negotiating the “off-limits” portions of the bill. You don’t just risk blowing up your Congressional Budget Office score. More and more of the already reluctant moderates begin to bail on the bill while conservatives, smelling blood, only demand more concessions. This is precisely what happened on Thursday afternoon, causing a surprise delay of a scheduled vote. Members will only say that negotiations are still “ongoing.” But going where?

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