Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Severe Brain Damage

This tragic meth-addiction end-game story is extra-creepy to me. The events happened on familiar stomping grounds. I've hung out at that McDonalds, the Rite-Aid is my drug store, and my doctor is in that medical office building. Heck, I even know that winding hallway they mention. So many people were put at risk, and now this dead end.

Because it's a transportation nexus and the nearby hospital, medical offices, and supporting facilities (like Safeway) serve as magnets, there's a lot of unstable people in that area (though I've had more success finding them at KFC than McDonalds):
The first officer on the scene found John Hernandez sitting on a curb. Hernandez “became agitated and confrontational” when the officer tried to speak with him, according to police. Hernandez “refused to obey” verbal commands. When a second officer arrived, police said Hernandez “became more erratic and noncompliant.”

Hernandez then ran across L Street and into a Sutter medical building.

His sister, Melissa Serna, said she saw a clip of surveillance video from the facility that showed John Hernandez stopping at elevators just inside the sliding glass entryway and hitting the buttons. When the elevator doors didn’t open, he took off down a narrow, curving hallway, no more than 4 feet wide. Two officers could be seen running into the facility, she said.

Police said they attempted to use Tasers and batons to subdue Hernandez when they caught up to him in the hallway, but those less-lethal weapons were “not effective.” More officers arrived and “were finally able to subdue the subject,” police said. Heinlein could not say how many officers were involved or how many times they used Tasers.

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