Monday, January 02, 2017

Jetta On "Worst Cooks In America"

Gathering New Year's Day night at Steve and Marilyn's house to watch Jetta's appearance on the Food Channel's "Worst Cooks in America". SacBee is on it:
Ostrofsky, 66, knew she had the right stuff for “Worst Cooks.” She saw its casting call on an acting agency bulletin board and immediately applied.

...“I live in just a little apartment,” she said. “The oven has never been turned on.”

...“The other contestants were a lot younger than me, but we helped each other,” she added. “Rushing around, there was a lot of tension to get things done. You try not to burn yourself or scald someone with boiling water. It was like an obstacle course to get everything done.”

Although she doesn’t plan “to start baking cookies,” Ostrofsky intends to finally take her clothes out of the oven and learn how to use it.

“That’s my resolution for 2017,” she said. “I can at least turn it on.”

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