Friday, January 06, 2017

Finally Biting The Bullet On The Sewer Line

On Tuesday, I was impressed by plumbing technology.

About a decade ago, plumbers diagnosed that my house's Orange Marburg sewer pipe had reached the end of its lifetime (typically 70 years, with most pipes in this neighborhood installed in the late 30's). A camera showed the pipe was beginning to collapse. I vowed to resist. So, for the last decade I've been fighting back. I obtained my own rooter and kept going. I was going to fight to the bitter end.

Things kept deteriorating, with the rooter becoming less effective over the years as the pipe decayed. Today, my rooter broke. The bitter end was here. Time to call pros.

I had been thinking of sending down gerbils with suicide vests to clear the line. Instead, the plumbers brought the biggest damned rooter device I had ever seen - like some kind of 30's Soviet industrial planner's dream gone amok. The nightmarish rooter did clear the line, even if only temporarily. Then they brought an excellent camera that showed the sorry state of the line and the abuse its taken over the years from opportunistic, destructive, and thirsty trees trying to survive the drought.

So, now awaiting the bid to do the repair....

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