Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump Dodges And Dodges And Dodges

The Donald dodges and dodges and dodges the question:

"Does Russia have investments in Trump?"

It's like Leo says in "The Producers": "No way out!" And given Trump's penchant to never, ever apologize, this dumpster fire will turn into an all-consuming forest fire. Trump is doomed! And he'll drag all the other Republicans into the pit with him.

Meanwhile, I like the article over at Salon:
From every conceivable angle, this comment from Trump is an utter catastrophe. All that posturing about how the GOP will get tough on Russia and confront Putin’s aggression gets thrown out the window once your presidential candidate asks Russian intelligence services to help out his campaign. The Republican argument that Hillary endangered national security with her email server arrangement has now been stomped on by Trump, who is on record hoping that national security will be violated.

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