Tuesday, July 26, 2016

That's No Pokémon Player, That's a Poltergeist!

I was in the basement moving magazines from one box to another when Bella came galumphing in with a tennis ball. Some things really are more important than others.

First, we checked the perimeter of St. Joseph's Cemetery. It was finally safe. The Pokémon people were gone.

Nevertheless, early in the walk, I noticed a man at the cemetery's gate. I turned away for an instant and he vanished mysteriously. "That's no Pokémon player, that's what we call a Poltergeist," I warned Bella. Turned out, the guy was riding an Airwheel - a kind of hoverboard - and that's why he was able to move so fast. He was also talking on a Smartphone, so he was completely modern in every respect (including the hopelessly-distracted quality of modern people). Not sure why modern people hang around cemeteries, except for Pokémon.

We skipped past several people camping in the middle of the sidewalk. I noticed a praying mantis on the sidewalk. Excitedly, I said "Look, Bella, nature!" Nevertheless, city-dog Bella paid no attention at all.

There was some kind of a light glowing behind a dumpster. Was a bicycle rider's gear stashed there? Curious, I probed further, and found the active end of an extension cord coming out from a local business. Why would anyone provide free electric power to any street person? An oversight? An unrecognized service?

Bella's goal lately has been to reach and investigate the parking lots surrounding the Safeway supermarket. So much scattered, castaway food there! And so many strange people too. Very energizing to a Labrador Retriever!

Sometimes it's nice to be a good-deed-doer on these walks. Several weeks ago, I took along a garbage bag to help clean up junk left behind by some homeless campers. Made me feel better.

Last night, the P street railroad crossing arms were stuck in the down position, with lights flashing and gongs clanging and no train in sight. Once, when the J Street railroad crossing arms were similarly stuck, I was able to clear the traffic jam just by touching the crossing arms and making them rise. I was the hero of the day! I tried that again last night, but no dice. The crossing arms were definitely stuck. So, Bella and I shed our superhero capes and slunk off into the night.

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