Monday, July 25, 2016

"Bells Are Ringing" - Davis Shakespeare Ensemble - 07/23/16

What an excellent, excellent show! Best I've seen in years. Gia Battista was superb as Ella, and Ian Hopps as well for Jeff.

I sat next to Ron Cisneros, who explained that he had been in the show in Los Angeles in 1967. Steve Isaacson explained he had been in show when the Davis Players did it in 1979, also at Veterans' Memorial Theater. Steve had played Kitchell, who was played here by Tim Gaffaney, who played the Devil the last time DMTC did "Damn Yankees" (early 2012). "Bells Are Ringing" is rarely done - there was a movie version with Dean Martin back in the day - and it played on Broadway 1956-59 (plus a brief revival). Need to see more of this show!

First time I've ever seen Davis Shakespeare Ensemble! Didn't realize they did musicals.

The supporting cast was outstanding! Everyone swooned over the high professional standards of the group!

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