Sunday, May 08, 2016

New Trellis

The back yard of the apartment house next door includes a patch of land that is my rarely-visited unfenced property. When Gil and Sherry lived next door, they maintained that space, but since they left and the Blow 'N Mow crew takes care of the yard now, they religiously respect the invisible dividing line that is the property line. Thus, on their side, the yard is well-kept, but on my side, it resembles the yard of the Addams Family. (You'd think they'd look after my side too, out of self-respect if for no other reason - it's one yard after all! - but you'd be wrong. The Blow 'N Mow crew make a point of blowing their leaves onto my side. More convenient for them that way.)

Anyway, an aging trellis broke and dropped a huge mass of vines off my tool shed roof during a windstorm last month onto the patch of land. I knew nothing about it. After two weeks, an apartment dweller timidly informed me of the problem. I responded with my usual alacrity, waiting another week before addressing the issue.

What a mess! But it's fixed now, with a better-looking metal trellis too. Even the Addams Family like to tidy things up a bit.

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