Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Making Donuts

The portents were there for a good walk. Yesterday, I found scat indicating a mystery animal lurks outside my bedroom window at night, and I saw a mystery animal cross 19th St. at N St. that I thought might be a dog or a raccoon, but decided was instead probably a chupacabra.

Nevertheless, Bella's walk last night was quiet. For inscrutable dog reasons, she hewed very closely to the Highway 50 W-X corridor. Her big find of the night was an empty 40 lb. bag of what looked like cement, but proved to be donut mix. And we passed by the donut shop. Like a scene from the movie "Eraserhead", we watched the hardest-working man in all Sacramento making the donuts that fuel the city. He's always there, and always will be.

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