Sunday, May 01, 2016

Invisible People

The theme of tonight's walk with Bella was 'people who fancy themselves to be invisible.'

First off, we saw a pickup truck pass by filled with a variety of junk. It looked appropriate for Saturday 1 p.m., but at Saturday 1 a.m., it just looked suspicious.

Then, I realized a curly-headed person was observing us from the second floor of an apartment building. When I looked at the window, the person ducked reflexively, but returned to keep watching. I couldn't tell because of backlighting, but the person was either 1.) a naked woman, 2.) a naked man, or 3.) an ambiguously-sexed person with form-fitting clothing.

We walked on, and suddenly we saw the junk truck again in an Auto Zone parking lot. The truck's passenger had stepped out into the dark parking lot and was changing into thrift-store-reject pants. Who drives a junk truck to Auto Zone at 1 a.m. in order to change into the world's ugliest pants? Mysterious.

On the way back home, Bella and I passed through the 26th Street underpass to where the homeless often gather. There was a variety of smelly trash, including two empty wine bottles with necks stuffed with paper in the manner of Molotov Cocktails. There was also a book: "The Good Shepherd", a book by Gunnar Gunnarsson, translated into English and published in the U.S. in 1940. Looks like a Biblical historical novel, told from a Lutheran point of view. I pocketed the book. No one else will notice. After all, Bella and I are the truly invisible ones - Sacramento's Spectral Spectators of the Night.

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