Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dirty Sally 2

Returning to the house on this early-morning's walk with Bella, we heard a yelp in the distance. It wasn't a very convincing yelp, and didn't sound like trouble. A few minutes later, though, two cop cars with headlights off passed us and scrambled into local alleys on a search-and-encounter mission. Bella and I kept plodding on, heading into our home alley.

Suddenly, the cops succeeded on making their encounter. A blanket-enshrouded woman was walking down our alley and yelling at the cops. The cop stopped encountering, perhaps to write a report about the encounter.

As luck would have it, Bella and I would have to follow this annoyed woman as she walked down the alley in order to get back home. She was yelling loudly in a croaking voice. I had trouble understanding her. I thought I heard her say "I was married in Yolo County because of thieves like you'" and "I was nearly run over by the Sacramento Police Department."

My guess is that I will see more of this woman in coming weeks and months.

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