Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sneaky Dog

Tonight on our walk, Bella and I went west along X Street, adjacent to the W-X Freeway segment of Highway 50. I had forgotten about the large number of homeless people who camp out under the W-X freeway, and some of them were active.

Crossing 21st Street, about 1:20 a.m., I could see two homeless men and a dog on a parallel path to ours, on Y Street, just north of Broadway, so I decided not to turn south on 21st, but choose maybe 20th or 19th instead, but before we could turn, I could hear the two panicked voices of the men, running and shouting angrily. Their dog had seen Bella in the distance, so jumped ahead, and was moving swiftly north on 20th to blindside her with an attack. The homeless guys were overreacting; I was underreacting. They got their dog under control and apologized profusely. I chuckled at the drama and we went our separate ways.

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