Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting Ready For The Sunday Hip Hop Show

Tuesday night rehearsal (11/24).

Rehearsal Saturday (11/28) with some of the dancers for "The Debut" hip hop dance party. In order to match the gray part of our group's gray, black, and purple color scheme, I'm wearing the 'Breaking Bad' "Yeah, Bitch: Magnets!" T-Shirt by the Heisenhoneys, Chandra ChannyCozy and Maeve Milstead in Los Angeles.

We are going to have a great show! Thanks Krystle! (And thanks COACH for the photos.)

(Little idiosyncratic connection: The Season 5 'Breaking Bad' police evidence room magnets scene memorialized by the T-Shirt was filmed 2.5 miles from where I grew up in Corrales, NM. The chain of causation leading from childhood to hip hop is long, but vibrant, and I hope inevitable.)

Scoping out the space for "The Debut" performance at the Starlite Lounge (noon, 11/29):

Entering The Starlite (5:40 p.m., 11/29)

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