Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Summary of Visit To Albuquerque - Feb. 11-15, 2015

Order of events


Get up early

Take Yolobus 42B to Airport

Fly to ABQ on Southwest, with a stop at LAX

Decided at last minute to rent a car at Thrifty Rent-a-car

Check in to Hotel Blue

Lunch at gyro place next to Hyatt Hotel

Taped the 'Breaking Bad Masculinity' round table. SWPACA schedule link here.

Garcia's Restaurant.

Afterwards, Marble Brewery


BrBa talks at the Hyatt

Architectural/ environmental talk in late morning

Didn't know Jennifer Predock was married to Antoine Predock!

Lunch at gyro place next door

Nervous first speaker in the Grand Pavilion VI, followed by my talk then extended discussion.

Met Lisa Masters & Patricia Campana; Rodney Rush failed to show

Flamenco dancers! Welcoming Ceremony for SWPACA at Hyatt Hotel.

Flamenco dancers!

Vintage 423

Drove around Albuquerque at night

Dinner late at Frontier


More BrBa talks at the Hyatt

Lunch at Anatolian Cafe

Rollins Awards presentation

9th Annual SW Burlesque Festival

Late dinner again at Frontier


Flash drive pick up

Historical walk around downtown

Meet Marra and Ken at Rio Grande Blvd. Flying J

Hike on East Mesa (got 'Sunset' and 'Skateboarder Beating' sites; missed 'Say My Name' site).


Saw "Jupiter Ascending" at Downtown Century Theaters


Walk around downtown

Check out from Hotel Blue

Lunch with Bruce and Richel at Basil Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant.

Check out BrBa and BCS sites

Return car

Fly home

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