Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ninth Annual Southwest Burlesque Festival

Merchandise for sale.

Lobby at the Kimo.

High up in the Kimo.

At one point, the hosts noted that a year had passed since the last Burlesque Festival. "What have you been doing this last year?" one of the hosts asked rhetorically. "Christine," lustily a woman near me answered. Amused, her friend replied (in northern New Mexico accent) "'Get It!"

Poster for the Ninth Annual Southwest Burlesque Festival. I got one of these for Dave Layman, since he was so nice as to bring downtown a precious "LRQ" filming location sign for me to take home as a "Breaking Bad" souvenir.

Curtain at the Kimo

Curtain at the Kimo

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  1. Hi Marc. I'm working on a Better Call Saul blog and was directed to your fantastic breaking bad site. I cant find your email, but would love to connect. Email me at and we can work together!