Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The True Bohemians

At 2 a.m. on Monday, I went out in front of my house to water some plants. I felt confident enough to go outside in my pajamas, and defy normal conventions. A passing police car slowed for the speed bumps, and to observe my activities, but then moved on. I felt invulnerable. "THAT to your normal bourgeois dress conventions!" I thought, as I hosed down the corner of the lawn.

Then, I caught a powerful whiff of a skunk. The whiff was so powerful that I knew the skunk had to be located just a short distance away. I knew they sometimes came through the neighbors' yard and into my front yard, sometimes several at a time, but couldn't see any at the moment. I looked around nervously and grew paranoid.

One thing about skunks is, much like polar bears, they fear humans not at all. They care not a whit about bourgeois dress conventions, or their defiance, or about any human convention or sense of invulnerability. They are the True Bohemians. I quickly rolled up the hose and went back inside.

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