Sunday, June 17, 2012

Discerning Critique Of Taco Goodness From An Albuquerque Jack-In-The Box

A seven minute and forty second video discussing tacos from a Jack-In-The-Box located on Montgomery Blvd. in Albuquerque, NM? Well, not precisely. More like an excuse to review the entire history of Jack-In-The-Box chain.

I remember the first Jack-In-The-Box I ever saw. It was in San Diego, CA, in 1971, near Mission Beach. We arrived in town much fatigued after traveling across the desert from Albuquerque, and I expected, rather naively perhaps, to encounter a higher-grade of fast food in booming California than was commonly-found in retrograde New Mexico. Instead, here we were, yelling from the car window at an unresponsive plastic clown as our VW Campmobile overheated in the crowded drive-through lane.

Jack? In-The-Box? WTF? There was none of the excitement that I remember when VIP's Big Boy restaurant first opened in Albuquerque in the mid-60's (and which eventually evolved into Denny's). Instead, it was like one of those sad, down-and-out circuses, where the clowns were vice-ridden parolees waiting for something better to come along.

Well, as confirmed by the video, things HAVE improved since then!

And who can forget this?

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