Thursday, November 25, 2010

I've Been Spending A Lot Of Time At Arden Fair Mall

I was amazed how expensive fleece-lined athletic pants are these days, and how unsuited they are for normal human use (the assumption seems to be that one must be a minimum of 6 foot, 6 inches tall to wear fleece-lined athletic pants; i.e., one is actually a basketball player). I was also surprised how inexpensive men's suits are. So, I bought a suit and didn't buy fleece-lined athletic pants.

As I get older, the crowd at the mall seems to be getting younger and younger. In one way, this makes sense. Young folks are buying things they've never had, so of course, they're at the mall (whereas people like me are trying to unload balky stuff that never quite worked out in the first place).

Actually, I think this is wrong - the crowd at the mall IS getting younger than it has ever been! I'm not sure what this might mean. Maybe older people have no needs?

I liked this storefront a lot. The way the light reflects off the metallic surfaces is just great - unique, even. The only negative part is the store is selling almost exactly the same schlock available at almost every other store in the mall.

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