Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FAIL - Bobby Jindal's Berms

I worried when Bobby Jindal starting pressing his berm idea to protect the Louisiana marshes that Obama Administration resistance was a bad idea - at least it was a plan, even if a flawed plan.

Nevertheless, it looks like a total failure. I need not have worried:
According to Len Bahr, a former LSU faculty member who posted these photos, they were all taken from roughly the same location and altitude in the Chandeleur Islands. As most experts (including Bahr) predicted, the sand berms couldn't withstand stormy weather and have simply been blown away.

That this would happen was obvious to anyone with half a brain who was paying even a small amount of attention to Jindal's proposal. There's nothing fun at all about watching such an obvious waste of effort go down the drain, but it is captivating to see right-wing talking points literally disintegrate before your very eyes.

Meanwhile, it's worth noting that the contract to build Bobby's berms was awarded by Jindal to the number three contributor to his congressional campaigns.

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