Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hospice Humor

As the dread moment approaches, the funnier.... Here is an E-Mail exchange with my sister Marra (starting with Marra):
Hi Marc,

Thank you for the pictures that you took. I was wondering if Michelle is keeping you informed of what is happening with Dad or not. If she is not then I would send you information. Let me know.
I called Michelle I think on Tuesday morning to let her know I arrived safely, and she told me Dad had had a bad night, with an aching back. But since then, I’ve heard nothing. How is Dad doing? How are you doing?
Dad is getting weaker. He fell/stumbled on Tuesday night against the kitchen counter and later we found out the stove. When Michelle went over on Wed morning the place was filled with gas. She opened up the doors and windows and cleared the gas out. Dad did not seem to have any affects from the gas, no headaches. Then last night he fell again and hit his head against the recliner. Did not seem to injure himself but scared both of us. Took me 4 tries to get him on his feet. I don't want him to know that it did injure my back. Will try to get an adjustment tomorrow. I will have to walk him every place in the evenings because he just tips over since he is so tired at that time. Hospice was going to check him out today and see if there are any injuries.
Oh, that doesn’t sound good at all. I was actually pleased when I was there how few problems he had had with falling.


Don’t worry, we won’t ask Hospice to check your back out too.

(Sorry, bad joke....)
bad joke but it did make me laugh.

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