Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kaskade & Deadmau5 vs. Sylvia Tosun Mashup

Here is a great mashup! Both songs complement each other well:

Sylvia Tosun Web Site.


Singer/songwriter, Juilliard graduate, ethereal vocalist, holistic medicine guru and dance diva - Sylvia Tosun has an interesting combination of talents and influences. Having traveled the world performing music in many different languages, her new single "Underlying Feeling" is gaining a huge buzz in the UK (hitting number 2 on the club chart) and getting ready to explode in the US. If you've missed previous club hits "Sanctuary" and "Head Over Heels," check them out on her dynamic website and preview the video for "Underlying Feeling."

...RS: Your newer music seems to be more upbeat…is that a transition in your music in the way you're doing?

Sylvia Tosun: Yes, actually. We all as musicians and I think even as people; we kind of evolve in whatever we do. I don't want to be in a state of inertia. Even if I like a certain style, I like many styles and lately, I've been more towards the progressive house movement. I feel it's transcendent and I love to go to Allegria parties and I used to love to go dancing at the Roxy on a Saturday night. I love what movement does for people dancing on a dance floor and the concept of movement; I think we are dancing together, we are moving forward together. As I got deeper in to the dance world I realized that I really enjoy writing to something that's got a faster BPM to it.

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