Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saw Act II Of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" A Second Time

The rest of DMTC crew seemed to enjoy the production and had lots of praise for the acting and dancing. The only complaints I heard about were the obvious PC problem of the over-the-top Asian stereotypes, and some dissatisfaction with the script. Exactly what the script problem was wasn't clear. I thought the script was punchy and direct, and thus well-written in that aspect, but the white slavery angle may have been a bit too much of a stretch (musicals have never been too strong in the department of logical consistency). And bad Asian stereotypes, while somewhat annoying, are to be found in shows like "Anything Goes" as well, so they aren't unique to this show.

If Millie was as Thoroughly Modern as she thought, instead of dealing with white slavery, she should have bought out Sincere Trust with the gains in her RCA stock portfolio as its value rapidly appreciated in the late-20's stock market rally. Better logical consistency, maybe, but it must be admitted that stock appreciation would make a Thoroughly Dull musical.

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