Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Pressure Builds on Kylie

Just another reason to get the "Showgirl" tour on the road again, whether she's ready or not:
Kylie Minogue could reportedly face a huge bill for postponing her Australian Showgirl tour because she had an incorrect type of insurance. She apparently may be forced to foot a six-figure insurance sum out of her own pocket, a bitter pill after being diagnosed with breast cancer, the reason Minogue cancelled the tour.

British newspaper The Daily Express quotes an unnamed source as saying an unfortunate mistake may have been made regarding the insurance for the 20-date tour.

"Kylie wasn't insured for this kind of eventuality," the source says.

"She's never had cause to cancel an appearance because of being ill.

...But a statement from Frontier e-mailed yesterday to Confidential contends the Express's information is incorrect, adding: "the Frontier Touring Company are not expecting any money in the near future and have not approached Kylie on this matter.

...In May, Gudinski said the Australian leg of Kylie's Showgirl tour was expected to gross "well over $20 million" and would cost half that amount to stage.

Of the more than 200,000 tickets which went on sale, Frontier had received refund requests for "less than 5 per cent".

..."It is important to remember that Kylie's tour is only postponed, not cancelled," the statement says.

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