Friday, June 17, 2005

A Bush Victory?

This could be spun as a victory for the Bush approach:
SEOUL, South Korea, June 17 - North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Il, said today that the nation was ready to resume negotiations over its nuclear program as early as next month, provided the United States treated it with respect, according to the South Korean government.
Bush wanted six-nation talks, and now he'll get them. But it still doesn't mean that Bush will know what to do with them. Already Kim Jong Il is shamelessly playing the South Koreans against the Americans - witness:
"If the regime's security is guaranteed, there is no reason to possess a single nuclear weapon," Mr. Chung quoted Mr. Kim as saying.
Having so badly lost everyone's confidence in his leadership by exaggerating North Korean nuclear ambitions, and downplaying Pakistani nuclear ambitions, Bush is now vulnerable to Kim Jong Il's bullying. I feel sorry for the Texas twerp!

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