Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kurdish Ethnic Cleansing

I found this article to be thoroughly manipulative. Nowhere do the authors mention that the reason the Kurds are so keen on removing Arabs from Kirkuk is that so many Kurds were removed in the 80's, to make room for these now-endangered Arabs (and apparently Turkmen). It's long-been obvious that elementary justice would require some reverse-ethnic-cleansing (done in a respectful manner, of course). Since we have troops there, we get involved in the ethnic cleansing action as well. That's how things go in Iraq: politics there ain't pretty. The least these writers could do is be honest about it.
Seized off the streets of Kirkuk or in joint U.S.-Iraqi raids, the men have been transferred secretly and in violation of Iraqi law to prisons in the Kurdish cities of Irbil and Sulaymaniyah, sometimes with the knowledge of U.S. forces. The detainees, including merchants, members of tribal families and soldiers, have often remained missing for months; some have been tortured, according to released prisoners and the Kirkuk police chief.

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