Thursday, July 26, 2018

Burglars Have Needs Too

Can anyone lend a hand?:
A Palo Alto, California, couple woke up early Sunday morning to a terrifying surprise: There was a stranger in their bedroom, according to police.

It was a 17-year-old burglar, and he startled the 60-something residents awake to ask for access to their WiFi network, according to Palo Alto police. The burglar had a garment obscuring his face, the victims said.

The burglar never got WiFi access, though. The man got out of his bed and forced the burglar out of their bedroom, down the hall and out the home’s front door, according to police. The couple called police right after that, around 12:30 a.m. Neither victim was injured. All that was missing from the home were two kitchen knives, the couple told police.

Officers quickly got to the scene and arrested the suspected burglar a block away, police said.

...But it wasn’t the suspected prowler’s first crime of the weekend — or his first request for WiFi, according to police.

...The residents told the 17-year-old to go away, according to police, and he rode off on a bicycle.

But the residents didn’t realize until the next day that a bicycle was missing from their backyard.

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