Thursday, July 05, 2018

Annual Fourth of July Cotton Candy Adventure

We return to Davis’ Community Park every year for Fourth of July, like salmon. Davis Musical Theatre Company sold cotton candy, popcorn, water and sodas. Last year, it was nuts here, like cotton candy was caviar, or something. It’s breezy (maybe too breezy given the County Fire), but temperatures were as pleasant as they have ever been.

There was just one disturbing element in yesterday's cotton candy adventure at Davis' Community Park: a wisp of a girl, age about eight, who approached and explained that she had no money, and her parents had no money, and could I just give her some cotton candy? We said no, but told her maybe come back later. I saved waste pieces of cotton candy for her, but she never returned. I just hope she's OK.

Afterwards, I was covered in cotton candy. Sticky and gooey!

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